The Wake

I dnt know what woke me, perhaps it was the heavy pounding of rain as pellets hit my bedrooms rooftop, the fullness of my bladder which was threatening to let loose or the soft snoring of the sleeping beauty in my bed.

Most likely it would be the habitual need to smoke a joint, which I had done spiritually for the last three years.

Always in the morning at almost the exact time. I wondered why governments all over were against the herb which grew natural in nature. The hypocrisy of the law being against nature was quite perplexing.

Whichever the case i was awake. Sleep would always abandon me at exact this moment. I was always caught drifting in that void between sleep and awakeness, where dreams vivid could almost be controlled by detail manipulation. Where one would fantasize and manipulate the outcome. Mostly i would wake before the fantasy outcome.

I hated the fantasy interruption but glad the alternative had not happened. Which probably would be wetting my bed. What a shame that would be laying next to this exotic creature slumbering away in peace.


I called out and no response came. Maybe I should go smoke alone and meditate in peace though she had accimilated to my habitual spirit awakening and had joined my morning sessions.

My bladder threatened again and I ran to the bathroom and relived myself of the burden.


The relief had me talking alone, appreciative yet mad at myself for indulging too much the previous night.

Peeing felt so nice and I smiled alone, in the cold bathroom at that early hour. But I would have preferred the secretion took care of itself, maybe through sweating or simple evaporation albeit the smell.

The hour was 0408 according to the clock on my bathroom wall,almost 0410 the ecstasy time. In the medicine cabinet I picked one roll from my stash and smelled it. I liked smelling it as much as I liked smoking it.


I must have muttered out in satisfaction.

As i moved to the stool by the window and sat, i decided it smelled good and fresh.

I opened the window shutters and a cold breeze hugged my nude hairy chest. It was pitch dark outside though some light threatened to sneak over the horizon. The rain still poured and light showers hit me directed by the wind.

“what the fuck!”

I cursed out loud and shut the window to keep the rain out and me n my roll dry.

Immediately I decided wind was not my friend. The pettiness in me at that hour was unfathomable and unmatched.

As the clock hit 0410,the roll was between my lips and a lighter upon it. I puffed away n held my breath for a moment. As the lights came on in my head, I let go of my breathe and no smoke came out.

The right knots had been hit.

“It is a sure bet!”

My high self proclaimed smiling solo. Thinking of the package on my bed my small head started rising to the occasion acting as a conduit of my big head.

Now and then, I put the joint between my lips which were eager to pull the highness and my lungs would fill and sent an encrypted message to my brain which registered the ecstasy.

“Should I wake her or leave her alone.”

Two demons debated in my big head. A clear indication I was getting in the zone.

“Wake her to join our party or wake her for an orgy?”

One demon asks the other recking of naughtiness.

“Shut up and lets go f… that bitch.”

A demon in my small head responded.

The demons upstairs concurred with the demon downstairs and I made a decision. But I was not going for a polyamory with real demons, just voices in my head.

I went to put away the lighter and as I opened the stash cabinet I saw someone and I waved and smiled simply because I was in high spirits.

He waved and smiled back. I wanted to start a conversation but realised I was looking at my reflection in the mirror.

“Holy cow.”

I blubbered out realising I was high and that this talking to my reflection was becoming habitual too.

If you know you know, because after a few I was on my way back to bed a spring newly attached to my legs.

The odds were playing me but I placed a high stake and was to wake the sleeping beauty but not for a joint smoking session.

When I got to bed,I did as the demons commanded. By now they surfaced to the open and I think I saw them cling on my shoulders and start dancing. For a moment I rubbed the cobwebs off my eyes,blinking in quick succession but the demons were not to be desuided. They wanted in the action and I obliged seeing no way out of the stalemate.

I lowered myself to one elbow and took the creatures lips between my teeth, savoring her sweetness,calling her to awake. There was no ferocity,no urgency in my wakeup 😘. When no response came I engage prudence and bite her lower lip without drawing blood.


She groans lids over round beautiful orbs opening.

Momentarily, I release her lip from the imposive ensare and drowl over her magnificence.

“Morning,bone of my bones.”

She cooed twining her hands on the back of my neck.

“Good morning,invader of my dreams.”

I lean and whisper in her ear as I nibble on its curvy smooth stature,

“Am so hard for you.”

“Keep licking my earlobe like that and I will be so wet for you.”

Her words music to me and my demons still dancing away on my shoulders. I swept the covers off her and marvel at the sight. Her thick black mane hair lay like a Japanese fan on the cream pillowcase,the side profile of her boob slightly visible. Her breath steady yet uneven. Never had I been given such a complement by a body so lush in the morning and I lift one leg pressing my hardness on her thigh my implied expression of interest on her sexy self.

Her nipples stiffened in acknowledgement of my territorial invasion, magnifying the fullness of her ample curves. She is simply stunning. I pay homage by aiming lower and teasing her neck with my tongue. She wimpered, the vibration sizzling straight through me hardining my already engroged cock.

A lazy heart warming smile strikes across her face an express invite prompting me,urging me to continue with the exploration. I traced my fingertips on her silky skin until I hit a peaked nipple,warm and inviting. She melted into me, turned over pressing her wobbly ass onto my hardness. The lush carnality of her body drew a standing ovation from the demons on my shoulders and I swear I saw them undress. The effects of her innocent seduction and the weed running through my blood was too much for me.

As she pressed and wiggled her ass on my erect shaft,I grew harder and the demons sprinted down with the blood to join the fun at the epicentre of ecstasy,the glans of my cock. Here her ass cheeks had devoted to rumble as if seeking a volcanic eruption. Beckoning for hot lava to erupt,flow and cause havoc in its path to eternal bliss.

Our breaths labored in anticipation,I leave a trail of tattoos on her skin inflicted by love bites I considered manifestation of my primal desire for her. Blueprints and deterents to the demons that she was mine.Mine alone. Not to be shared.

Interlocked she turns and runs her hands over my chest as if trying to dial a direct call to my heart. “Mteja” is all she gets there as the demons desude me from picking that particular call. She refocuses and seeks my lips with hers. Here she is welcomed because even before we make contact our breaths have grown rapid and pressured as tongues come to attention to throb each others mouth in search of nectarine emittors. Novity has them searching in the wrong orifices😂.

“Nectar resides in the principal orifice dummy!”

The prologued feasibility extravaganza between me and this sexual beauty has made the demons frustrated. In their quest for an orge they try to get me to sip at the nectar right away. But the level of my highness has me following a different manuscript.

I assume oblivioty and savor the appetizers knowing that I will be fed succor from free will by my morning glory partner. All I have to do for now is read my miniscriptures to her in flowing prose of moaning,kiss her between long sentences and use proper pronounciation and punctuation. And I can tell so far she likes my ministration and doctrinaire by the moans escaping her mouth only to be swallowed by my kisses.

I trace my fingers down her body each digit sending encrypted messages to seek out her wildest desires and fulfil them to the letter. She quivers as I part her legs and knob the place she holds all secrets to her soul. Our gazes lock and she stares at me unashamed flashing me a sexual smile.

She involuntarily moans,parting her knees to give me better access to her call box,her most private vulnerable knit where nectar is produced to be served to her esteemed conquerors. This morning I figure am her conqueror. I outline a path to land on her epicentre which emits signals of sex aura for direction and wets for my safe landing(vijana tuache mihandarati😎)

She exhales sharply as I lower myself,grasped on her ankles pushing her legs up,revelling on her gorgeous Neatherlands. Cheeks flushed,her big round orbs bright she watched as I took her nudeness in,savoring mad and making love to her with my eyes. Her expression showing the raw,lust I set loose in her. She never flinched. Never hid the primal need she had of me devouring her.

When my fingers landed on her she was completely soaked,sopping wet. I needed to taste her.

Perfectly coiffed her pink petals glistened illuminated by the morning light breaking free over the horizon. I lift her legs higher for better access kissing her thighs,teasing prolonging the torturous act. Deliberately slow I watch her chest heave in anticipation.

Eventually am overwhelmed by the need to taste the nectar and i obliged. As my tongue makes contact an audible moan escapes her. Encouraged I suck hard and I hear banging on my head. I ignore it and close my eyes for maximum indulgence.

When the pounding persists I open my eyes and find Penny towering over me, I was sitted on my ass on the cold floor nipping away on a pillow, drooling heavy.

“What is wrong with you honey? Why are you drooling over the pillow?”

She quizzes puzzlement written all over her face.

“Shit! This can’t be happening. This weed is high grade. It has fucked me bareback. Fuck!”

Incoherently I gibbler standing my naked ass and head to the washroom to either smoke more and forgot the embarrassing moment or wash away the weed, pillow held tight to try hide my engorged dick😬


Matriarchal Stance

His flesh teases her
But her petals would not take him
Not yet, conditions not good
He latched on her twins
Hard then reduced to soft sucking

Slow torturous
She won’t allow him take her
Spasm flows unhitched within him
Try he does to induce ecstasy in her
But the carrot he parades
She has refused to bite

The writhing and moaning
As he tongued her
Had been a false start
She won’t allow him to take harbour
Momentarily he is taken back
He eyes her begging
The question; why not?
Spreading across his eyes

He had tried his best
Climbing the right contours of her curves
Nibling and caressing all right buttons
Pressing n sending all her erotic buttons
His efforts in vain
The question; why is she not drawning in primal need?
On his lips but not mouthed

Gridding harder
Sending electric currents
As his head pounds her clit
She screams; it won’t fit words his sexual mind can’t fathom
She guards her door
By knocking her kneels together
Frustrating him further

Resigned he falls off her
Biting the bitter pill
She has had him swallow
He buys her narration
And wouldn’t take the change
She offers in pitiful glances
Yet refusing to meet his plea for cleimancy
In the battle for climaxes
Empathy not the suit she dons tonight

The animal sounds he thought
Would play dominance
Taut him in the drawning silence
Evidence of price unclaimed
As she sits high on the cough
Him on the rugged rug down
He acknowledged her power
Salutes her matriarchal stance
Waits for her to lead
Not wanting the stelamate
Linger longer


Why I Love Chess

This are purely my thoughts not any organisations opinion. I am not associated with any chess promotions or societies. Lets be clear on that. Hope they don’t invoke any bile in your body.

I know opinions can be like that at times and mostly should be kept at the back of your thinking box😎

I don’t hate noise and chatter. I like it when it’s coming from a different system not just my orifice or orifices for that matter😂

When you open your mouth the minds ability becomes limited. This is My hypothesis not a scientific fact so don’t be offended. In another life I should be a scientist.

When your main orifice,the mouth is shut,all your other senses are at optimum. My opinion again. Am blubbering about this a lot. You see,am not a good speaker or motivator. I won’t mention it again. I dnt swear as a principle but I keep my promises. So take my word.

In silence you pick a lot from your environment. You can see a lot, you can hear better and all this your mind can absorb, conceptualize and hypothese on. Try forming an opinion or coming up with a solution for a puzzle while chattering away with your buddies. Hard. See my drift.

Chess is like this. It needs your mouth shut and your mind at optimal. If the concept of silence is one with you then you are good to go. Playing Chess will come easy to you,like sleep. Try talking and sleeping at the same time🙄. Water and spirit comes to mind. Or is it water and oil. This stuff is confusing to me attimes.

Another pointer is i am a lone wolf. This is synonymous to being an introvert. You can’t be an introvert and love crowds. Water and oil again.

If you are capable of being alone and find pleasure in your own company,you are made of greatness. You are legendary.

Chess is a two player game. That is how it was intended. But legends can play alone and derive pleasure in this. Very odd. I fall in this category. Trying to figure all those strategies that have been used since time immemorial you have to sit alone and play yourself as the opponent. This is probably the most effective way of making mistakes so that the traps you are trying to set can work out.

Ever heard of everything you have been looking for is on the other side of consistency. Chess brought consistency to my life.

Most of my life I have been this spontenious guy..Restless. Not sitting down and giving myself serenity. Always on the move. No time to waste. This is how one erodes their brain, I figure.

The world is not going anywhere, sit and relax. Tomorrow will come so sleep and wait for it.

With Chess I found tranquility. I could sit and afford to dream awake


The Wild Gentle One

Tell me,

How you want it..

Show me,

How you want me to touch you
How did I get you here?
Stop poundering..
Let me pound you away..
Give you safe passage
To the other side of the channel
Where bliss has taken bound
You dnt have to pay me a pound
Does it feel good?
What am doing to your alter?
When did I start?
If you didn’t notice when we set sail
The docking is essential
you will definitely feel it..

Even before I drop the anchor
Your nerves will rock you
Beating the waves over the channel
I like a rocky voyage
Keeps me alert throughout

What do you like?

I can touch n listen

Tell me your desires..
Can I enter your shrine?

Worship in your altar?

I like asking nicely..
Rather using my knees
Forcefully entering holy grounds
Knocking down doors ain’t my style
I ask..
Even when I know annexation of yours is my objective

Why display rudeness?
To one am to possess momentarily?
Is this my good heart or good game?
Maybe it’s both

Dnt let trivial matters inebriate the voyage
We dnt want the boat to overturn
Before we reach port

DO WE???

The only quiz you could answer for now
To sooth my ramble

How far do we have to sail before we reach port?
To dock, I require mindfuck
Is this problem familiar to u

Can you feel that??
Can you??

The waves are monumental this season
If the boat capsized
Would you swim with the sharks?

You feel like anticipated andrenaline..
A gentle yet dominating rumble on my boat.
I want to teach you how to fight and surrender at the same time
If I told you to jump
So we could swim to shore

Would you flinch,if I sold you this bluff???

If I pushed,would you trust me and submit..
How deep would we go before the waves wash us to shore??

How much water would you swallow??

Before you shout in surrender??

Would you be scared??

Tell me this,

I seek answers to plan all contingents before we take this voyage.
I want to be sure you could handle this..
Inspire you to cross the channel again and again

Why risk Ur life if it does not inspire you??

Close your eyes and feel the waves
I want to penetrate
Your mind until you gasp in mortal surrender

Tell me this,

Does he challenge you like this??

Does he torment you like this?

Does he inspire you like this?

Does he ask you like this?

I am wild but your safe passage is my obligatory rota.

Tell me this,

Do they show you how bad they want to take you across the channel??

And like me they would not have it unless you approve..

Can they guarantee this to you in writing??

Do they beg you to cross or inspire you to cross the channel??

You see..

Am a wild gentle one

I won’t break Ur mind in mortal begging

I would rather bend your mind with primal desire..

I know you are fragile yet strong..

They couldn’t break you even if they tried..


Regardless you would feel everything..

I won’t want that to be your narrative.

I want to get the approval to take you across the channel..

Respond to every nuance of your nerves..

Earn every right to sail you to the other side.

Where birds have been tasked with singing to you..

For I know outright a happy client comes back😉

Earn the most subtle penetration of your guarded hunger.

I will do this because it makes me delightful in delighting you.

Yours in anticipation,
The wild gentle one.



Her sobriquet clearly displayed as Sexy kitten. Her profile picture is blurred and you can’t tell for certain who the girl is. She has on a sexy outfit as if a girl in a cosplay.

From the avatarish profile picture one cannot tell much about the real owner of the account.

The account had been created slightly over a year ago. Her birthday is restricted to public viewing.

It was afternoon and after we had a meal of gullas gullas domesticus spiked with weed Penny had immediately taken to bed.

Grass🤠 had taken even to our food and tea. It was becoming a way of life. Was wondering how long it would be before I was enticed completely into the Rastafarian way of life. Another story for another time. Back to the matter at hand though was finding it hard to concentrate with grass in my head.

When Penny came back from the pharmacy,I was so confused to the discovery that she was not a consenting adult. No. That she was not even a legal adult rather a highschool teen on the run. When she asked how I was feeling, I had remained mute. I guess she had assumed that my headache had not receded when I had not responded to her queries.

She had forced some tablets down my throat and made me lie down on the bed like a good mother nurturing her kid. I had decided to keep the discovery to myself for now until I knew what was at play here. I would confront Penny when I had good and detailed information. With her asleep I wanted to go through her account thouroughly and get to the bottom of this. The sooner the better.

Everything about her looked so adult like from her behavior, dressing to the things she was capable of. Especially the things she was capable of. The things she did with her body to the things she did to a grown ass man’s body. It was simply perplexing.

Furthermore she was a state ministers daughter. Who was her father?I wondered. Anyway it did not matter who turned out to be her father,at the end I was totally screwed. I fathomed.

I click through her chats and scrutinized each with one intent. To figure out who this young girl snoring away in my bed was. Most of her chats were the usual, flirting with both men and women with no boundaries. No red flags so far.

In time I discovered a pattern in her chats. Penny, ofcourse going by sexy Kitten solicited both photos and nudes from her correspondents. First red flag. It was against the Apps policies not to share personal pictures. I found this odd and out of the norm.

What naughty or scum was Penny playing here? Was she just living out her fantasies anynomously here or was she running some kind of scum?

I realised I had to dig deep and find out who this girl was so that I could be able to crawl out of this shit hole I was in right now. How was I going to do all this? I wondered especially if I am under the mercy of the grass I had been injecting.

She had so many active chats and I wondered how one person burdened with school work would keep up with all this correspondents. It was absolutely tasking even to maintain active chats with say one, two or three users, atleast to me.

I was more of a detailed chat person. Quality over quantity. Maybe some people were just good muilttaskers. Not me. Maybe the grass all this while had been shrinking my brain. So how did a school girl handle all this chats? Was I asking myself the right questions in trying to figure Penny out? My mind was tired. I had to take a break.

I carefully made sure I logged off her account just to make sure if she came to and started using my laptop she won’t find anything out of place. I didn’t want to raise any suspicious on her just yet.

Information was key and if she thought I was still not in the know how, she would keep running this show, her the Main pratagonist me the masquerade.

My head was still light because of the small matter of chicken spiked with weed. I wanted to lie down for a while I stood and peeped through the shutters which where drawn. I was looking to see if anyone was watching the apartment. If any police or authority was out to nub me.

I scanned the faces down the street not sure what people in authority looked like if not in identifiable uniforms. So many people strolled up and down and my mind gave up.

Next I checked the cars parked down there to see if any had government plates. Nothing there.

“What about the cars directly below us,can you see their number plates?”

A demon challenged in my head.

“Shut up!”

I try to ignore the voice and find myself talking alone.

Not only was I acting paranoid, I was even acting mad. So I call off the scan and turn to go lie down for a nap.

Penny is laying across the bed half covered. She is simply candy to the eye.



Am fucked.

Thoughts of love and lust invade the deepest parts of my soul of souls and captures my thoughts in my mind and I imagine Penny and I floating upon the very wings of time. Two souls that are bond by neither time nor space. Our very own vibrations drifting us amongst the universe higher than the naked eye can see.

I drift from the revirie and continue watching her. Her long legs have defied the confines of warm cover. They are so long and I follow them ascend to the knees where they are slightly bent. I venture on unshamelessly to her juicy thighs and I feel the throb in my pants grow.

Up my eyes focus to the bridge where there is the slightess rise of her ass. I marvel how the satin sheet just sits there, unassuming, not aware of the treasures it is denying my eyes.

Am so intrigued by the scene infront of me that I decide to capture it. I have to capture it. I turn and pick my digital camera from my study desk.

I take a vantage position and start clicking away. Capturing the piece of art laying peaceful on my bed. I start by capturing her toes which are beautifully painted. As I click away the camera makes a clicking sound which combined by the sound of wind on the window shutters is musical to my ear and I find myself drifting back to a revirie.

It is here in this atmosphere of an inner sphere of us that I find magic. Here we become deep in mind and soul even as the sexual emotions burn deep in my skin, in my thoughts and run in my blood. Here I just want to hold her in my arms and draw her close to me, stare in those eyes that I have come to adore as they ignite and set fire in all my nerves. Here Penny sets me on fire.

Here I just want to taste those succulent lips of hers and let our tongues unify becaming one and defying laws of matter where solids can’t submerge into one. But here, they do. And they are so intoxicating as they move as if on a natural high.

So intoxicating that my hands want to feel her body tense to they touch, as finger tips travel on their own teasing all zones that respond to them. As if her a game board and they have mastered all moves to make and win.

I want to give us a therapeutic capture that we both need and take us to our own oasis of love.

“You won’t even ask for permission?”

Am brought back from the revirie by Penny’s voice. I focus the camera on her head which is now elongated on an elbowed hand. She flashes me or is it the camera a smile as it flashes and captures the head which seems to be on display.

“You don’t require permission to capture a piece of art.”

I flatter and get more smiles and poses. For now all else seems forgotten


Weed Erotics

I find her in my living room, hands crossed on her chest.

“A defensive pose. What are you protecting yourself from sexy?”

I ask subtly as i approach my prey.

“You and all your teasing.”

She bluntly answers me,fire in her round orbs. I guess she is forcing herself to say this not wanting to fall for my trap.The same eyes i had fallen in love with are in clear defiance of my advance. She coyly watchs me as i approach her, my eye dark of wanting, with predatory intent.

I pose momentarily in my tracks, as i let her response sink. Had i teased her that much that now she was repulsed by my very essence. I was both drunk and high that i could not read what she was feeling at the moment. I could not tell what game she was initiating.

Like a good puppy i move and sink on the couch, next to her sexy self, imposing dangerously on her body space. She cannot move,rooted on the end of the couch and not meeting my gaze.Refusing to be put off by her mood, i edge closer. I would play along to the game she wanted.

“Whats up babe, I thought we are supposed to be playing nice to each other? It’s approaching dawn,is it wise for the sun to rise and find us gloomy?”

I venture placing an arm on her sunken shoulders. When no resistance comes, i place the other arm on her and start massaging her lightly. I dig deep and silence reigns supreme as my fingers work magic on her shoulders, never sexual but professional.

After a few minutes i feel her heave in complete relaxation as if drifting to tranquility all earlier transgressions forgotten and forgiven.

“Lets go to the balcony and drown in the breeze as we get high ”

I propose with a smark on my face, to hide my true intentions. To live out another of our fantasies.

She conserts to this by standing and pulling me to my feet. I try to stay steady as i watch her stagger a bit to the sliding panes leading to the balcony. She had kicked off her sandals and as she sways barefoot in oversizes shorts and t-shirt she looked anything but sexy.

So no much motivation there

for high me to follow her. Then she pulls a stand and i watch her bemused. She reaches the window panes leading to the balcony, turns towards me and starts grinding her ass on the panel in a sexy but awkward manner. I start pondering how high she was. My only reaction is a silly grin that embraces my face naturally.

By the blank expression on her face i can tell this is not the result she expected. The glitter in her orbs tells me she is not done yet. Behind her stands the huge window that ran floor to ceiling then wall to wall across the end of the room that faced the street.

We were in the third floor of the apartments and the blinds stood unshut so her petite figure hid in shaggy clothing was silhouetted against a myrid of bright lights from the street lights popular in this side of my town. It was not such a sleepy town and i could see a few figures strolling and some jogging on the streets. And every Fibre in me hoped against hope that they where oblivious to us.

Then out of the blues, she loosens the shorts and they free fall and when they settle on the floor and about her ankles, she steps out of them and takes a few tendative steps towards me.

She bites a finger on her left arm and the digits of the other hand sway in the air as she beckons me over. She looked amazingly attractive at that moment with my shirt loosely caressing her thighs yet failing in its prime purpose, covering them up.

Am caught in a maze. Totally whopped off my feet by the human figure by the huge window, separated by centimeters from the glass, its reflection perfectly captured by the window glass, facing the night outside as if addressing its audience below.

I am peculiarly fascinated by her reflection, trapped by the glass and showcasing to me what i love most in a woman, ass. Simply why am paying more attention to it rather my sweet Penny. Or is it the grass have been smoking diverting my eyes to the glass on the window. I am not certain but i can stake low that its the grass.

The shirt is obviously raised on her backside, in its attempt to climb her ample ass(manenos). Her real ass cheeks are bare to her audience outside if any but her ass cheeks from the reflection on the window are facing the alter that is me, as if they have been offered to me as burnt sacrifice. And I had no option but marvel at the artistry before me. Many a man would fall on their kneels and worship them. The grass probably taking root in my think tank.

The thoughts invading my mind were out of this world. I wondered if i was fantasizing or it was the grass taking over my brain and so my factualization ability.

Probably the weed. I am still holding it in one arm and the pipe sits on the other. I look down at them and grin more. Imagine we were contamplanting on smoking more of the stuff. We would be fucked.

I grin more and wave at the reflection of Penny on the window, trying to catch its attention and applaude it for a nice show but it snobs me completely in an euphoric stance as it focuses completely on its audience below. Still i drop both grass and pipe and clap applauding, then it hits me, am high as a kite.

The grass has me totally fixated on the glass panel. I curiously glance at Penny, briefly then focus on her reflection. Penny, then her reflection. Wondering which or is it whom to adore, exclusively, because i don’t want to split my focus.

Pre smoking euphoria taking over me good. I simply want to make a decision because I wish to share this euphoria.

My Affair with Chess

I was not one of those privileged kids that got to learn chess before I knew how to talk.

I did not spend my childhood playing chess during play time. I spend play time butt naked playing with mud and sand like all normal kids. I played in open fields, dove into rivers and a dam that was in close proximity with our home.

I can tell you with certainity that I never heard of chess in all the years I went through the education system in primary school. It was alien to me

Maybe in my country the education system was broken or this was a game for the few kids that went to prestigious schools where one wears trousers as tall as they are. Where kids come to school in helicopters(I have come to learn that this is a reality to some.

Look at us who see choppers only in movies and when the politicians come to ask for our pound of flesh in the name of votes👀the universe can be so unfair😢.right? Don’t wail over it,you are alive, healthy and got a roof over your head😂. Is this a lame excuse for accepting and embracing mediocrity? Story for another day) and cars whose net worth can set you and your clan for life😎.

While the teachers stroll in haste to observe punctuality in dusty heels and shoes a clear contrast of their residence location and their working environment downed with imported grass,lawned to perfection and dotted with exotic flowers.

Don’t mistake me for a civil activist mad with the state and the inequribrium of the classes of its denizens commonly referred to “Wananchi na wenye nchi.” Just wanted to make it clear I was a “mwananchi or mbogi ya mtaa.” 😉

In highschool my knowledge on chess is identical to the one I had in primary school, almost nill. Atleast here I came across the term. Do you remember those words that sound similar in Grammer? Can’t recall the terminology though😂talk of age eroding the mind. Chess, chase, cheese. Only chase was familiar at first but by the time I left that level of my education or imprisonment,I knew which was chasing cheese and that chess was a board game that the mind could not fathom easily.

At Uni you find a lot of free time in your hands and you are socialised to interact with guys from all walks of life. You interact with the kids who went with choppers in primary schools and for the first time you meet the chess board. Strange yet intriguing.

They paid all that money for school fees but here you are at par. Your are all comrades.
But their is a distinction in the circles that develop. You can see with clarity the sheeps ,the rats, the hyenas(mafisi😂) ,the lonewolves, the packs, herds and the lions. The distinction is clear.

It’s a kingdom and their those on top of the food chain and those at the bottom.

To fit you have to align yourself with the habits and norms of that circle.

In short I learnt the basics on chess from the internet and pretended to be intimate with it. So I would make love to chess and freign orgasms when time called for it. The things we do to fit.

Chess to me was boring and tasking to mind. I didn’t know how some considered it a fun activity. I could not comprehend how one found nectar in it when the game took so long to end.

I wanted quick fixes. I wanted nectar that was dripping. I wanted adrenaline rush and juice. I wanted my nerves on edge and endophines streaming in and putting the lights on in my head. Chess was not doing this for me.

So I had my nectar and juices elsewhere and played chess as my side bitch. Our love affair lacking enthusiasm, orgasms rare but got along to fit.


Hands on my shoulder blades wash away the tension like waves do sandcastles
How did I not notice my clothes missing
She straddles me as I lie face down
Like ancient unicorn riders
As my tool trys to drill the mattress I feel light
As her weight leaves me
I moan in protest
Kneels besides me
Slapping silly my ass
Pain does not pass thrashhood
Pleasure out weighing
I want to turn
But subdued by hands rough
In retrospect they sooo soft
Not soothing
Just inducing want in me
Member suffers imposed on a mattress not interested
As she works her magic
I tremble in ecstasy
The bedsprings moaning in protest
In time, with my fractic endevour to fill something
If only the mattress had a hole
To accommodate
My vanity throbs
Hands withdraw
Causing distress
Then warm orbs sit between my spine
Direct contact with my nerves
How clever
To bypass the red-tape
Teasing me with their hounded points
Sliding, slapping, pressing
Typing bareaucratic incants
Telling me to raise
Stamp my affliction to them
Just as they reach the bridge of my ass
She recalls her two platoon members
Leaving me cold yet hot
The teasing not trending in me
But she has chosen this play script
It’s her night to commandeer us
To ensure we reach a different galaxy
Blinded by leggings disposed from her
I can’t see her but I feel her
As she turns me over
I rivel in the moment almost shooting myself to the stars
The console moves to drive gear
Ridiculous reset to park
Balls clamped down
The false start leaves short tremors
Shuttering my bliss momentarily
The Tormentor would pay
Just a matter of time


At first I was pure then darkness
I entered your essence fear gripping me back
I followed the light you emitted ignoring the fear
And the darkness in me became afraid
Loosing it’s embrace on me

I saw myself illuminated
My very skin began to flow
For the first time in a long time
I saw myself in opalesence
Of pure spirit, body removed
Though it had been total darkness all around me
Like a street light I beamed
And creatures of light flocked to me in great numbers

Greatness oozed from my dear veins
And I beckoned you to me
Felt you around me everywhere
A great joy profound
Such a compliment unspoken had never before received
Meant to last not fade
Not like birds that now land then take to flight

Here in this dimension
Time did not acknowledge me
Letting me pick my brackets as I uncovered
And all I thought of was you
Hypnotically blowing all darkness from me
Banishing it to abysses far
My pure delight

Yllw Chlk

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