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Scripting History

What will you do when the trance takes over
When the wild thoughts take Ur mind over
When the vibrations call out to you

Will you dare come to me
Down the street block like a hoe
Promoting primal lusts
Unafraid of the multitude assembled to watch
The witty ready for ascersion
Ready to meet eternal havoc

When you have blossomed
Oozing of nectar forbidden
Winds strong to wreck petals soft
When you fully copulating
Will you spread Ur wings
Take the flight with me
Trust me to be Ur captain
Dnt be afraid of the turbulence
We could dance in its path

Hope this shuttle takes us to the stars
So I can read you verses of my religion
Make sure u water the petals to bloomdom
So I know you slow and easy
Careful not to awaken the stars caretakers
Perusing through them,cramming pink magenta glowing
Noway will I miss a single fold

This is not a missionary mission remember
The masquerades voyeuristic binoculars to eyes trying locate us
But it’s a backdoor affair
I will lick and erase the evidence
That no mare mortal will know
That you were ever here

So come in the cover of darkness
A mask Ur only attire
Gangstar and unfraid
I will prinkle the lotus
If you moan
I will kiss u and swallow the noise
They will not even hear us
Descending back to earth
As I reveal my true self to only you

Inside Ur walls I will unleash passion u never knew
I will stretch n cause chaos in rhythm to all u desire
In Ur walls all u can do is contract n aqueous triploity
As the artistry echos embroidery in mucky aquamarine tricolor
I will scatter ink
Scribing history there


Love Tsunami

The things you have shown me
Because of you I can sail
I can dive in whirlpools
Reemerging before being entangled
Escaping abysses willing to swallow me

Languidly stepping into the torrential waves
I slip into the smooth vessel
Am daring to commandeer to the reef
Inviting, magestic, the color of light majenta
Accommodating my imposing stature

My large hands firmly gives freedom to the fire pink vessel
Unhooking the pivitoal hanger
Ready for the voyeur
Manipulating till Bubbly white foams trickly

She nows faces me
Our eyes, reflecting pools of love lock on each other
Embracing with both body n soul
Like wax, we melt and become one
In the steamy atmosphere

Beckons beem as memories flood back
And her spine streamlines
Back arching in line with set condinates
Echos of spanking
As we tease one another
In the aquamarine Pacific ocean

Rough ripples fan out across the waters
To meet waves on our tail
Colliding in time
To cancel out the negative and positive energies prevailing
Finding harmony n lubrication dynamic
Where others have known only friction in static

On the voyage we discover new abandons
Like the sudden afternoon showers out of nowhere
Torrents that come unannounced in the twilight
A sundown in the reach of our eyes yet out of our grasp
Skies illuminated by stars out to spy on us

Glistening two charges that have given alliance to a proxy current
To cream it all
A sound of a tickling xyclone
Emancipitates us, soaking us in euphoric ecstasy

Aromas of sea water, exotic and faintly the ocean itself
Drift and sharks swirl around us
Skin to skin, we are drenched
Tributaries of salty sweat forms,streams n descent between us
Sauna like heat develops
As the temperatures skyrocket

Fresh upon fresh subdued
Synchronized to one rythmic motion
Which has been greased by frantic fluidity
The tributaries stream into one torrential river
That rushes into a trickling waterfall beyond
Cascaded into a franzied whirlpool
Which massages the wild n restless into submission

Gasping for a whiff of air
Silent cries of pleasure
Echoes of a bliss marvellous
The only evidence that a voyage overcame the Bermuda
The tranquil crystal clear lakes left to bash
In the aftermaths of monotremes
That prevail the catonic tsunami


In a conclave

By the mist
We lie side by side
The moon hangs, almost full

The night breeze tantalizing
Committing us to kiss
Hands joining
As the stars gather about us
The constilation artistic
As if encouraging
The stollen moment
We have stormed into

In harmony
The clouds above converge
Glitter, in the night breeze
We lay low listening to the night
Her head on my chest

Where it belongs
Heaving in Union with my breathing

She stirs, whispers my name
Which is left floating
In our meadow
Her hand nestling perfectly
In my warm damp one
Squeezzing to the hilt
The message in it

And the clouds scatter
Gliding away
Heads turn,lips meeting
Breathing in haste
The moon now hangs, fuller
Glowing in our glory

The mist, now mysteriously missing


Memory is Key

Unlike most board games,chess is not a chance game when playing with a player intimate with it.

Memory is paramount that is why silence is golden when playing it.

You need your Ram alert and processing. Am no doctor, I cannot do a dissertation on the human mind but I know a thing about computers. Ram is the random access memory. It processes what you are tasking the computer to do currently. The higher the RAM the easier it is for the computer to process.

Like the computer you need to use your Ram. How many things can you hold in your mind at a go?

In chess your every move must be purposeful. Then remember why you moved every piece in the position it is currently.
Never forget why a piece found itself in the locale it occupies before you move it in future.

Some use something I learnt eons ago in a unit in class. SWOT..This is not the heavily armed police force that comes to action in movies when the situation dictates so. It simply stands for Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. The questions you ask everytime an opponent moves a piece. What strengths does this piece have, what are its weaknesses. What opportunities are present to you and what threats does the piece pose?

Get the drift?

It goes that all your pieces on a chess board,even those not in play yet are intimately entertwined. Their ultimate goal is just one, prevent the king from capture and capturing the opponents king. To achieve this they must work together, support one another and help each other from being captured themselves.

They are like a body together,each piece the bodies organ so if one piece is captured by the opponent the body looses an organ and therefore can’t work optimally.


Let me rephrase that; Before you move Ur piece,maybe enticed with a carrot by an opponent (referred to Gambits in chess circle ) and you move with haste to deboard his piece-FIRST ask urself why was Ur piece there. Do the SWOT analysis thing.

Am saying this because that piece of yours that you are about to move might have a higher purpose than capturing an opponent’s piece.

I know its the minds nature to be in haste to win. But in chess haste is a virus you have to eliminate from your system.

It might be blocking a significant piece say a Bishop from capture yet you want to capture an opponents pawn.

If such a scenario plays and you capture the opponents pawn and he captures your Bishop then definitely he has the upper hand. The scales have tilted and I vouch that you bound to loose😔

In conclusion chess is not all about memory. You might have a perfect memory, for instance you might be able to remember and play an opening to the 30th move. What happens if your opponent does not follow your script? What then? This is the probable scenario in a live match. Players are stricky like that.

You will probably be thrown off your element if you come to a game with a script of how it will play out. Don’t bring a penknife to a gun fight hence don’t come with only memory to a table game because at the end of the day chess is about many elements.

Its about a players judgemental skills, evaluation of positions, critical and tactical thinking. It also boils down to confidence, resilience and psychology


Was it pure coincidence that the boy on the blog post was named Ram🤔😂 Maybe it was the universe’s manifestation of a chess wizard being born. Just to let you know, the manifestation came to fruition few years after he joined the mundane population


Why I Love Chess

This are purely my thoughts not any organisations opinion. I am not associated with any chess promotions or societies. Lets be clear on that. Hope they don’t invoke any bile in your body.

I know opinions can be like that at times and mostly should be kept at the back of your thinking box😎

I don’t hate noise and chatter. I like it when it’s coming from a different system not just my orifice or orifices for that matter😂

When you open your mouth the minds ability becomes limited. This is My hypothesis not a scientific fact so don’t be offended. In another life I should be a scientist.

When your main orifice,the mouth is shut,all your other senses are at optimum. My opinion again. Am blubbering about this a lot. You see,am not a good speaker or motivator. I won’t mention it again. I dnt swear as a principle but I keep my promises. So take my word.

In silence you pick a lot from your environment. You can see a lot, you can hear better and all this your mind can absorb, conceptualize and hypothese on. Try forming an opinion or coming up with a solution for a puzzle while chattering away with your buddies. Hard. See my drift.

Chess is like this. It needs your mouth shut and your mind at optimal. If the concept of silence is one with you then you are good to go. Playing Chess will come easy to you,like sleep. Try talking and sleeping at the same time🙄. Water and spirit comes to mind. Or is it water and oil. This stuff is confusing to me attimes.

Another pointer is i am a lone wolf. This is synonymous to being an introvert. You can’t be an introvert and love crowds. Water and oil again.

If you are capable of being alone and find pleasure in your own company,you are made of greatness. You are legendary.

Chess is a two player game. That is how it was intended. But legends can play alone and derive pleasure in this. Very odd. I fall in this category. Trying to figure all those strategies that have been used since time immemorial you have to sit alone and play yourself as the opponent. This is probably the most effective way of making mistakes so that the traps you are trying to set can work out.

Ever heard of everything you have been looking for is on the other side of consistency. Chess brought consistency to my life.

Most of my life I have been this spontenious guy..Restless. Not sitting down and giving myself serenity. Always on the move. No time to waste. This is how one erodes their brain, I figure.

The world is not going anywhere, sit and relax. Tomorrow will come so sleep and wait for it.

With Chess I found tranquility. I could sit and afford to dream awake


The Wild Gentle One

Tell me,

How you want it..

Show me,

How you want me to touch you
How did I get you here?
Stop poundering..
Let me pound you away..
Give you safe passage
To the other side of the channel
Where bliss has taken bound
You dnt have to pay me a pound
Does it feel good?
What am doing to your alter?
When did I start?
If you didn’t notice when we set sail
The docking is essential
you will definitely feel it..

Even before I drop the anchor
Your nerves will rock you
Beating the waves over the channel
I like a rocky voyage
Keeps me alert throughout

What do you like?

I can touch n listen

Tell me your desires..
Can I enter your shrine?

Worship in your altar?

I like asking nicely..
Rather using my knees
Forcefully entering holy grounds
Knocking down doors ain’t my style
I ask..
Even when I know annexation of yours is my objective

Why display rudeness?
To one am to possess momentarily?
Is this my good heart or good game?
Maybe it’s both

Dnt let trivial matters inebriate the voyage
We dnt want the boat to overturn
Before we reach port

DO WE???

The only quiz you could answer for now
To sooth my ramble

How far do we have to sail before we reach port?
To dock, I require mindfuck
Is this problem familiar to u

Can you feel that??
Can you??

The waves are monumental this season
If the boat capsized
Would you swim with the sharks?

You feel like anticipated andrenaline..
A gentle yet dominating rumble on my boat.
I want to teach you how to fight and surrender at the same time
If I told you to jump
So we could swim to shore

Would you flinch,if I sold you this bluff???

If I pushed,would you trust me and submit..
How deep would we go before the waves wash us to shore??

How much water would you swallow??

Before you shout in surrender??

Would you be scared??

Tell me this,

I seek answers to plan all contingents before we take this voyage.
I want to be sure you could handle this..
Inspire you to cross the channel again and again

Why risk Ur life if it does not inspire you??

Close your eyes and feel the waves
I want to penetrate
Your mind until you gasp in mortal surrender

Tell me this,

Does he challenge you like this??

Does he torment you like this?

Does he inspire you like this?

Does he ask you like this?

I am wild but your safe passage is my obligatory rota.

Tell me this,

Do they show you how bad they want to take you across the channel??

And like me they would not have it unless you approve..

Can they guarantee this to you in writing??

Do they beg you to cross or inspire you to cross the channel??

You see..

Am a wild gentle one

I won’t break Ur mind in mortal begging

I would rather bend your mind with primal desire..

I know you are fragile yet strong..

They couldn’t break you even if they tried..


Regardless you would feel everything..

I won’t want that to be your narrative.

I want to get the approval to take you across the channel..

Respond to every nuance of your nerves..

Earn every right to sail you to the other side.

Where birds have been tasked with singing to you..

For I know outright a happy client comes back😉

Earn the most subtle penetration of your guarded hunger.

I will do this because it makes me delightful in delighting you.

Yours in anticipation,
The wild gentle one.



Her sobriquet clearly displayed as Sexy kitten. Her profile picture is blurred and you can’t tell for certain who the girl is. She has on a sexy outfit as if a girl in a cosplay.

From the avatarish profile picture one cannot tell much about the real owner of the account.

The account had been created slightly over a year ago. Her birthday is restricted to public viewing.

It was afternoon and after we had a meal of gullas gullas domesticus spiked with weed Penny had immediately taken to bed.

Grass🤠 had taken even to our food and tea. It was becoming a way of life. Was wondering how long it would be before I was enticed completely into the Rastafarian way of life. Another story for another time. Back to the matter at hand though was finding it hard to concentrate with grass in my head.

When Penny came back from the pharmacy,I was so confused to the discovery that she was not a consenting adult. No. That she was not even a legal adult rather a highschool teen on the run. When she asked how I was feeling, I had remained mute. I guess she had assumed that my headache had not receded when I had not responded to her queries.

She had forced some tablets down my throat and made me lie down on the bed like a good mother nurturing her kid. I had decided to keep the discovery to myself for now until I knew what was at play here. I would confront Penny when I had good and detailed information. With her asleep I wanted to go through her account thouroughly and get to the bottom of this. The sooner the better.

Everything about her looked so adult like from her behavior, dressing to the things she was capable of. Especially the things she was capable of. The things she did with her body to the things she did to a grown ass man’s body. It was simply perplexing.

Furthermore she was a state ministers daughter. Who was her father?I wondered. Anyway it did not matter who turned out to be her father,at the end I was totally screwed. I fathomed.

I click through her chats and scrutinized each with one intent. To figure out who this young girl snoring away in my bed was. Most of her chats were the usual, flirting with both men and women with no boundaries. No red flags so far.

In time I discovered a pattern in her chats. Penny, ofcourse going by sexy Kitten solicited both photos and nudes from her correspondents. First red flag. It was against the Apps policies not to share personal pictures. I found this odd and out of the norm.

What naughty or scum was Penny playing here? Was she just living out her fantasies anynomously here or was she running some kind of scum?

I realised I had to dig deep and find out who this girl was so that I could be able to crawl out of this shit hole I was in right now. How was I going to do all this? I wondered especially if I am under the mercy of the grass I had been injecting.

She had so many active chats and I wondered how one person burdened with school work would keep up with all this correspondents. It was absolutely tasking even to maintain active chats with say one, two or three users, atleast to me.

I was more of a detailed chat person. Quality over quantity. Maybe some people were just good muilttaskers. Not me. Maybe the grass all this while had been shrinking my brain. So how did a school girl handle all this chats? Was I asking myself the right questions in trying to figure Penny out? My mind was tired. I had to take a break.

I carefully made sure I logged off her account just to make sure if she came to and started using my laptop she won’t find anything out of place. I didn’t want to raise any suspicious on her just yet.

Information was key and if she thought I was still not in the know how, she would keep running this show, her the Main pratagonist me the masquerade.

My head was still light because of the small matter of chicken spiked with weed. I wanted to lie down for a while I stood and peeped through the shutters which where drawn. I was looking to see if anyone was watching the apartment. If any police or authority was out to nub me.

I scanned the faces down the street not sure what people in authority looked like if not in identifiable uniforms. So many people strolled up and down and my mind gave up.

Next I checked the cars parked down there to see if any had government plates. Nothing there.

“What about the cars directly below us,can you see their number plates?”

A demon challenged in my head.

“Shut up!”

I try to ignore the voice and find myself talking alone.

Not only was I acting paranoid, I was even acting mad. So I call off the scan and turn to go lie down for a nap.

Penny is laying across the bed half covered. She is simply candy to the eye.



Am fucked.

Thoughts of love and lust invade the deepest parts of my soul of souls and captures my thoughts in my mind and I imagine Penny and I floating upon the very wings of time. Two souls that are bond by neither time nor space. Our very own vibrations drifting us amongst the universe higher than the naked eye can see.

I drift from the revirie and continue watching her. Her long legs have defied the confines of warm cover. They are so long and I follow them ascend to the knees where they are slightly bent. I venture on unshamelessly to her juicy thighs and I feel the throb in my pants grow.

Up my eyes focus to the bridge where there is the slightess rise of her ass. I marvel how the satin sheet just sits there, unassuming, not aware of the treasures it is denying my eyes.

Am so intrigued by the scene infront of me that I decide to capture it. I have to capture it. I turn and pick my digital camera from my study desk.

I take a vantage position and start clicking away. Capturing the piece of art laying peaceful on my bed. I start by capturing her toes which are beautifully painted. As I click away the camera makes a clicking sound which combined by the sound of wind on the window shutters is musical to my ear and I find myself drifting back to a revirie.

It is here in this atmosphere of an inner sphere of us that I find magic. Here we become deep in mind and soul even as the sexual emotions burn deep in my skin, in my thoughts and run in my blood. Here I just want to hold her in my arms and draw her close to me, stare in those eyes that I have come to adore as they ignite and set fire in all my nerves. Here Penny sets me on fire.

Here I just want to taste those succulent lips of hers and let our tongues unify becaming one and defying laws of matter where solids can’t submerge into one. But here, they do. And they are so intoxicating as they move as if on a natural high.

So intoxicating that my hands want to feel her body tense to they touch, as finger tips travel on their own teasing all zones that respond to them. As if her a game board and they have mastered all moves to make and win.

I want to give us a therapeutic capture that we both need and take us to our own oasis of love.

“You won’t even ask for permission?”

Am brought back from the revirie by Penny’s voice. I focus the camera on her head which is now elongated on an elbowed hand. She flashes me or is it the camera a smile as it flashes and captures the head which seems to be on display.

“You don’t require permission to capture a piece of art.”

I flatter and get more smiles and poses. For now all else seems forgotten


Weed Erotics

I find her in my living room, hands crossed on her chest.

“A defensive pose. What are you protecting yourself from sexy?”

I ask subtly as I approach my prey.

“You and all your teasing.”

She bluntly answers me,fire in her round orbs. I guess she is forcing herself to say this not wanting to fall for my trap.The same eyes i had fallen in love with are in clear defiance of my advance. She coyly watchs me as i approach her, my eye dark of wanting, with predatory intent.

I pause momentarily in my tracks, as i let her response sink in. Had I teased her that much that now she was repulsed by my very essence. I was both drunk and high that I could not read what she was feeling at the moment. I could not tell what game she was assuming.

Like a good puppy I move and sink on the couch, next to her sexy self, imposing dangerously on her body space. She cannot move,rooted on the end of the couch and not meeting my gaze.Refusing to be put off by her mood, I edge closer. I would play along to the game she wanted.

“Whats up babe, I thought we are supposed to be playing nice to each other? It’s approaching dawn,is it wise for the sun to rise and find us gloomy?”

I venture placing an arm on her sunken shoulders. When no resistance comes, I place the other arm on her and start massaging her lightly. I dig deep and silence reigns supreme as my fingers work magic on her shoulders, not predatory but professional. Hope my implications are conveyed explicitly by the incribing fingers.

After a few minutes I feel her heave in complete relaxation as if drifting to tranquility, all earlier transgressions forgotten and forgiven.

“Lets go to the balcony and drown in the breeze as we get high ”

I propose with a smark on my face, to hide my true intentions. To live out another of our fantasies.

She conserts to this by standing and pulling me to my feet. I try to stay steady as I watch her stagger a bit to the sliding panes leading to the balcony. She had kicked off her sandals and as she sways barefoot in oversize shorts and t-shirt she looked anything but sexy.

So no much motivation there

for high me to follow her. Then she pulls a stand and I watch her bemused. She reaches the window panes leading to the balcony, turns towards me and starts grinding her ass on the panel in a sexy but awkward manner. I start pondering how high she was. My only reaction is a silly grin that embraces my face naturally.

By the blank expression on her face I can tell this is not the result she expected. The glitter in her orbs tells me she is not done yet. Behind her stands the huge window that ran floor to ceiling then wall to wall across the end of the room that faced the street.

We were in the third floor of the apartments and the blinds stood unshut so her petite figure hid in shaggy clothing was silhouetted against a myrid of bright lights from the street lights popular in this side of my town. It was not such a sleepy town and I could see a few figures strolling and some jogging on the streets. And every Fibre in me hoped against hope that they were oblivious to us.

Then out of the blues, she loosens the shorts and they free fall and when they settle on the floor and about her ankles, she steps out of them and takes a few tendative steps towards me.

She bites a finger on her left arm and the digits of the other hand sway in the air as she beckons me over. She looked amazingly attractive at that moment with my shirt loosely caressing her thighs yet failing in its prime purpose, covering them up.

Am caught in a haze. Totally whopped off my feet by the human figure by the huge window, separated by centimeters from the glass, its reflection perfectly captured by the window glass, facing the night outside as if addressing its audience below.

I am peculiarly fascinated by her reflection, trapped by the glass and showcasing to me what i love most in a woman, ass. Simply why am paying more attention to it rather my sweet Penny. Or is it the grass have been smoking diverting my eyes to the glass on the window. I am not certain but I can stake low that its the grass.

The shirt is obviously raised on her backside, in its attempt to climb her ample ass(manenos). Her real ass cheeks are bare to her audience outside if any but her ass cheeks from the reflection on the window are facing the alter that is me, as if they have been offered to me as burnt sacrifice. And I had no option but marvel at the artistry before me. Many a man would fall on their kneels and worship them. The grass probably taking root in my think tank.

The thoughts invading my mind were out of this world. I wondered if i was fantasizing or it was the grass taking over my brain and so my factualization ability.

Probably the weed. I am still holding it in one arm and the pipe sits on the other. I look down at them and grin more. Imagine we were contamplanting on smoking more of the stuff. We would be fucked.

I grin more and wave at the reflection of Penny on the window, trying to catch its attention and applaude it for a nice show but it snobs me completely in an euphoric stance as it focuses completely on its audience below. Still I drop both grass and pipe and clap applauding, then it hits me, am high as a kite.

The grass has me totally fixated on the glass panel. I curiously glance at Penny, briefly then focus on her reflection. Penny, then her reflection. Wondering which or is it whom to adore, exclusively, because I don’t want to split my focus.

Pre smoking euphoria taking over me good. I simply want to make a decision because I wish to share this euphoria.

Forbidden Treasures

Whispers in low tones
Blinks n winks in secret
Hidden touches
Denied ownership
Forbidden treasures
Stars out of reach

Could we cross that line
Breech high walls
What would we be
If we were brave enough to embrace
Forbidden treasures
Stars out of reach

Can I deal that rodeo
Grasp the beautiful jewels
That r not mine to claim
I yearn to reach n feel
Can’t discredit my feelings
Forbidden treasures
Stars out of reach

I don’t trust my gaze secretly stripping u
softly caressing ur lascivious
Fold after fold
I know there is more there
Can u feel my curious eyes
Forbidden treasures
Stars out of reach

I feel like am lost
Floating in molten lava
My desire for u overwhelming
Wanting to breath u
Nibble at those erogenous places curved about u
Own ur essence

Forbidden treasures
Who scribed the rules
That I cannot have u for me
Unbind u from him
A star in orbit
Beautiful jewel
lost in space
Star out of reach

Sex on paper

I will seduce your mind on the covers of my book

I will make love to you on a pure white paper

And spill musky white ink with passion upon sheet by sheet

I will caress ur areolas, then feast on ur nipples in every chapter I pen

I will fold and rub ur clit, play with it with my tongue
In short sentences and prose

Taste your innocence and urs dear, without words spoken

When u start screaming in ecstatic bliss

I will rube my illustrations

Just to start scribing a new chapter in sheets rugged

from the reckless splatter of my old dear pen

Kiss I will ur lips and suck ur tongue, in between the lines.

Punctuating Ur groans
With my animal like groans

I will make u moan my name then take u to heaven

All this will do with a pen

Only to wash away any licked ink
Preparing for the next chapter

My unsteady pen… already prosed


Let me replace the lace cover to embrace your ambrosia
Close your eyes n say ur grace before I race to pleasure u
Where I will latch and savor the whole of u
Showing u the magic my tongue possess as I lick sensually at ur treasure

Grooming u with a bath tongue that will have you delightful
Humming out of tone
Screaming profanities u couldn’t pronounce otherwise

It will be sexual bliss Ur mind can’t fathom
If you let go and accept this doctrinaire as law
Just float and I will enable u swim
I will be so knowledgeable on the right buttons
I will call me a genius
As I unlock ur flood gates

An Apology to a Rapist

Bodies harbouring demons
Fantasies twisted breaking ground
Sons tormenting daughters
Fathers setting upon sires
Burying cherries
Storms taking traction
Delusions unmasked
Abyss upon girl child
Pleasure reversed
Dopaminised agony
Tuned screams
Stinging slaps

“There are two sides in every story”

Demented man..
Why are you flirting with the devil?
Baring your sacred soul to folly?

Did your mother not impact you?
Was it your elder brother who turned against you?
Coming to your bed in the dead of night
Or was it your uncle?
Perhaps your “friends”

It doesn’t matter the perpetrators
It must have been a nightmare
That it blackened your soul this way
You never told a soul
It must have been haunting
Cocooning what you named shame
Feeling all alone
Unloved and unwanted
It must have tormented you
That you chose to plug out your own heart
Bury it in the deep of seas
Where you couldn’t retrieve it even if you wanted

It was not your fault
But choosing damnation rather shame was your mistake
The first and greatest
Your only error
Maybe you were too young to process
Blaming your mother who never came to aid
Sires who never noticed
Who never intervened
As their jolly child withdrew
Laughter that dried up
Loose of interests
Silent tears
Sweaty nights

Am truly sorry son..
Am filled with a stormy rage

A lump has me tongue-tied
Seeing the story from another angle
Walking in your shoes for a flitting moment.. 

Am devastated by the sting of that first slap
On your 3year old chin
That your brain flipped
Lights must have gone out
Everything became upside down
From that moment
Maybe irreversible

Am so sorry son..
That you were only three

There was no getting joy
From the norm
After that
Laughter became alien
Nerves impaired
Hormones mixed
Receptors  reversed

Being defined by that singular moment in your innocence
Finding joy in hurt
Delighting when others hurt
Glorifying in their pain
Enjoying their tears
Your perception became perverted
Your thought process in reverse gears
Considering your tormentor/s shook you up pretty; literally
The world must have landed on your shoulders
Upon the slaps impact
The blackout
Must have been instantaneous

Am so sorry son…
Tears cloud my eyes

No one came to talk you down
When you stood on the edge
When you could barely stand on the cliff with bleeding feet
The ledger had become your Constance
Your formative had been there
The ledger had defined you
When no one could hear your plea of help
When they could not see your tears

Am so sorry son..
When I look into your mind and see only blackness

All that time on the cliff has zeroed to who you are now
Tears your waterfalls
Sight of your bleeding feet 
Is now your favourite colour
The echoes of all your screams
Now your favourite tune
How your mind is twisted

Am so sorry son..
When I know even animals grasp the concept of love

The inflicting pain from your agressor/s
Dopaminised as pleasure
Stinging slaps and whipping
The only game you endured to full-time
Keywords for your autograph

Am so sorry son
That no one came to your aid
Not once
As you stood
On that cliff
On that ledge
That has become your only memory
That has molded you
That unleashed the beast in you
That made you in the image of your tormentor/s

(Look out for part 2)

Full wolf moon

The sky was covered by a pale red glow capturing a magma bowing to it’s benefactor. Amazing how the moon glows off of the sunlight yet the sun asks nothing in payment. This was my ultimate couple goal. A love that aspires only to give unconditionally. Asking for nothing in return. Such lack of selfishness. Pure and pristine. Giving and not expecting. How nature can inspire our souls. If only we learnt from this codes the marker hid in open sight. We see yet we are dead blind. We assume intelligence yet reason is never a strong suit we adorn.

The waves lapping on the shore drowning other noises and a light breeze caressed our not so covered vessels we call bodies.

“The sun willingly choosing to die so that the moon can catch a breathe. Do you see the sacrifice of true love?”

I ask Penny staring deep in her eyes. Those eyes. Always full of life. This particular evening they are so rich in it, life. They are a spectacle to rival the musky dark ocean waters that have lost their clear blue colour with the fading sunset. If you stared at her orbs for too long, their charm would have you spell bond. Have you wishing she was your most priced artwork hanging in full glory in your quarters for all your visitors to relinquish in. You know those ones you got attached to. That if you were to be declared bankrupt and she would fetch a fortune, you would die a pooper rather auction her.

“Son, that kind of woman is dangerous.”

The voices in my head declare in unison.

“Cut her loose the first chance you get. She will be the last noose on your hang rope. The last nail on your coffin. You need…to….”

“Do you believe in true love sweets? Do you believe in the full moon or rather the full wolf moon? Do you believe in the future? “

The voices in my head are cut short by an equisitive Penny still holding my gaze unflinching. The way she was staring at me, I was convinced she would read the answers right from my soul. I flinch and look at the horizon which is almost swallowing and burying the sun. Only a small portion of the sky now is covered in the paling redness. The demise captured perfectly and signified essentially by the bloody skyview. An overwhelming sight for a poet one with the universe.

The stars this evening have been given backstage tickets by their conspicuous absence.

Silence all over and I maintain the status quo still reflecting on a proper answer for my Penny. Am amazed how even Penny who is always prompt and impatient when inquisitive is calm and collected. She is breathing almost passively as she lays there on her back on a towel resting her head on my lap staring skyway.

A rush wave laps hard against the shore breaking the monotonous silence, my hands rooting to the ground behind where am sat as if assuming a prudence prose and it is then I get to see one of nature’s greatest marvels.

How had I missed it. There in the middle of the sky sits a fade full moon. Both moon and the sun are visible to my ever wandering eyes. Something rare to see and it’s both beautiful and breathtaking.

“Babe, are you observing this?”

I whisper drawing Penny to the phenomena. Her big round orbs are soon glittering under the whirlpool synonymous to her beauty.


She utters when I rub my palm over her heaving breasts and I can’t tell which was taking her breath away. The full moon bidding farewell tributes to its mentor or the ministrations of my exploring hands.

Wet dreams

Pure beauty transcends galaxies
Desires unholy met

Moans carolise come to me as fingers scribe on naked skin
Lips lock so often to musk the screams

Fingers dial the call button on centre fold
Received as body rises to grind mine

Possessive, I take what is yours
Deep I stroke
To the hilt then pull almost out
Return pelvis mashing

Scratch marks on my back
As you loose mind to pleasure
Bites on my chest
As we cum together

Only to come to
After mind finding tration
All alone drooling on pillow mine
Ecstatic torture
Till we meet
My tight wet cave

Elevator Elevation

Dedicated to tagtammy
The exotic aroma of a womans vagina is so tantalizing..yet so odd. Varies from one to another. Each has its distinctive taste and smell. None is ever the same…though it depends on one’s sex appeal
Meeting the most exquisite smelling one. She wanted me to taste it.. smell it..lick it and more. Well, I gladly obliged. Login in to her sex appeal


I watched the fair damsel walk, her soft curves swaying unapologitically. I waited for a moment for my mind to slow down, my engroaged pendulum to semblance any degree of decency and poped down the stool. Pat looks back and flashes me the most seductive smile. I finish my drink in one gallop then gallop after the beckon promising ambrosia.

Me and casual sex are playing at extremes. Latitudes colliding with longitudes. Sex addiction taking over I had thought Penny had cured me of this Treachery but lol. Here I am in a funny walk trying to hide the third arm but I can see giggles from third parties wishing they could join the party.

“We can let them tag along.”

A demon encourages but am not buying mtumba incantations today. The one bird in hand two birds…the fable is elusive for my sexually hypnotized mind to recall exactly for the moment.

Pat is by the elevators pushing buttons impatiently as I get to her. Soon am at eye level with my prey yet I can’t pounce on her, not at the moment atleast. The sex appeal unable to transcend public decency.

“Humans and decency. The revolving trifactor.”

“One can feel the chemistry miles away but look at them feigning amnesia. Just accept your sex addiction”

Voices in my head threaten to take seige on my thought process. I breath deeply and exhale to excommunicate them as I lean on the wall and feel the vibrations of the elevator cruising down to lift us to ambrosia. The thought brings a smile easily on my face. In the race to transcendancy my mind conjures that in the near momentum we will be elevated to reveries literally. And I wait. For the elevator.

The lift doors slide open at last, a couple steps out then a Buttler who gives us a knowing nod before him and his cart take leave of the soon to be debunchery cubicle. We step in the space and she hits the penthouse button. Am immediately faccinated wondering if it was a bluff. If it was not then I was in for a treat. I had fathomed ambrosia in my mind but here I was being whisked away to utopia.

When the doors shut, we looked at each other in surprise for a moment then everything happened all at once. Pat stepped back into the lift, me close by and her arms around my neck. Our bodies were pressed close to each other, our tongues in a swift duet, probing like there was no tomorrow and the lift moved slowly upwards.

Seconds later when the doors slide open, I had my price completely backed to a corner both feminine and masculine fighting for dominance. By now both our minds had reliquished reason as our hands felt each other up and I pressed my bulge against her, a subtle reminder this was not a rehearsal of some sort. That I was going in for the kill.

With one swift hop, she was perched on the thin railing that is embedded all round the lift and I take archer position between her long legs.

She exposes her fuck hole to me by pushing the bikini to one side without actually removing it and it is then that it hits my nostrils. The smell of her sex. The musky smell fills the elevator. It was the most arousing smell I have ever encountered. I pull down my boxer and my prisoner springs free in excitement. Ready to cause chaos. Imprisonment had not rehabilitated him at all.

I look at her desire embedded clearly in my eyes. Her long dark eyelashes are lined like velvet ribbons wrapping a delicate gift over her watery charcoal eyes. They are ember like. The emberness of them forming a whirlpool and her lust dances in them. And am drawn to them and all I want is to join in her lust and swim with her.

I grind my dick up and down her sopping wet slit and she purrs like a kitten. It was purr fet.

Her aroma intoxicates me and I stop what am doing and kneel, resting my head on her patch. The smell her sex emits has me tripping. It was the most exquisite in all years of my experiences. It’s scent like jasmine. A cologne that would fetch premium price in the market.

My fingers comb her rectangle trimmed bush which was somehow wet from her sexual moisture. She holds still but moans in pleasure yet am doing nothing. Just smelling her impaling frangrance. Never before had I been aroused this much by a scent.

My constantly composed mind in this matters goes crazy as I try figure out how she would taste. Why ponder when the dessert is on the table so I dig in.

I spread her delicate pink folds with my fingers and insert my tongue as deep as it could go. My nose was on her lips. Very little odour but with enough muskness to make my mouth water and my lips smuck on her lips. Her cherry was completely enveloped by my mouth and I was literally eating her. This was the best pussy on my list as I eat her in earnest. She tasted like my favourite dessert only sour a bit and I couldn’t help myself but fest. Man, she was delicious to a fault.

Mostly I ate pussy as a payback favour after a woman went down on me. But this was different. I wanted to eat her pussy not for her pleasure but for mine. I felt her mound contract as her wall muscles flexed on my tongue. Then three events happened instantaneously. She screamed loud, the lift clinged opening and she came hard on my mouth.

My senses are completely impaired. Logic has left me. Conscious of being busted on my knees my head buried between a womans head is inconcequencial. I lapped and take much of her juices. And I don’t stop, I continue eating that pussy. Licking every drop of honey that has been offered for my pleasure.

I latch on her like a canabre on a boat. I don’t seem to be able to unhook myself from her as I move one hand behind her ass and pull her closer to me and my feasting mouth. My other hand finds her clit and starts playing it like a violin. The fingers darting delicately and expertly on her button and the event occurs now in reverse.

The lift clinged as the doors closed, she comes hard again on my mouth and this time screams the loudest I have ever heard a woman scream. Trust me on the latter because I have been in labour wards.

“Hey sexy, we are going down. Let’s postpone this before we hit the lobby and give the tabloids proses better than the pros in this business.”

Pat nudges my head off her drip with both words and her hand. I stand on auto pilot and boxers chilling on my ankles ascend, assuming turnkey. Warden rotas assumed and the raging prisoner is back in the box. From the bulge you can authoritatively declare a red alert level because the riots are efficacious.

My Drug

She is the sweetest intoxicating joint I ever lit up

One puff guaranteed inebriation

But Just unmatched

Her eyes always smoky

In An election,vote her in

Earn an erection

One ballot

Draw once…cast the dice

And separate her from the rest

She will take u to a new high

Take u to new ambrosia

Pick her twice

And u will chatter into utopia

Make love to her

It is ecstatic like hitting the jackpot

Capitalizing all words

whispered in her ear

Punctuating right all she whispers back

One touch 4m her

butterflies deep in Ur stomach will be alien

Compared to the flipflops your mind will engage in

U will vibrate on galaxies new

Cloud nine is mundane

Touch her out of curiosity

And u erupt

Like an active volcano

Ashes of lava and lava

Doesn’t matter if dormant was ur stronghold


Make her Ur divine stash

Ur highness will be Ur assumed psedo

Handle her with care

Least she leaves u mare ashes

Long after baptizing u in her flames


Cyber Love

Her avatar is flitting like a moment
At times a display of glittering eyes behind glasses
Then a whiff of long dark hair
But eyes tell whoppers
Wigs can be a parody
Her other features pieces infraspinatus
Creations of morbid curiosity
By my yearning mind

Do dipples adorn her cheeks when she smiles
Does she smirk or is it a full smile
Are her lips full or thin
Is her nose plugged or curved to a point
Would that nose turn if I lit a joint

Does she come with attitude like a princess
Or she is down to earth
Is her hair shoulder long
Or cut in style
Is it dyed in multicolors
Maybe she is wild as they come

Is she beautiful as I have imagined
Is she petite with small firm tits
Or she is short and sassy with rounded butt cheeks
Plum and cossy like my couch
I can only ponder her to proxy

Does she like my poems
Or she has other favourite poets
Whose poems make her hairs stand
Her nipples freaking hard
That they would topple her blouse
If her bra was not on guard

I can only fathom her eyes
The thick long black eyelashes
That line her charcoal eyes
Like velvet ribbons wrapping implicitly on a gift
That everytime she did flutter them at me
It would be Christmas

Ugly Beautiful Bitch

“I revert in my mind n look at you in a million different angles n dimensions and strangely everytime I fall in love with you in each”

She says barely in a whisper

Long well layed lashes lined her orb like eyes like velvet ribbons wrapping a delicate gift and everytime she fluttered them it felt like Christmas

She was painted in the most florescent lights..the canvas God used to create her..made Picasso literally shed tears

With those big round orbs she stared at me, longingly.. invoking an answer.. prompting a reaction..both her pupil n iris buried in a deep sea of hope and all I could do was stare back.. completely awed

She was like a sequel of letters delicately embedded with soul wrecking poems in a world too mundane to grasp her essence

I don’t speak..afraid my voice would betray me

I take a walk away from her

But her next words are like a million knifes….sharp n potent… dancing on the very floor of my heart

“Am not a neon sign..that you light up to draw attention only to switch me off when the audience is delirious n on their feet.. showering you with accolades.”

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