The Wild Gentle One

Tell me,

How you want it..

Show me,

How you want me to touch you
How did I get you here?
Stop poundering..
Let me pound you away..
Give you safe passage
To the other side of the channel
Where bliss has taken bound
You dnt have to pay me a pound
Does it feel good?
What am doing to your alter?
When did I start?
If you didn’t notice when we set sail
The docking is essential
you will definitely feel it..

Even before I drop the anchor
Your nerves will rock you
Beating the waves over the channel
I like a rocky voyage
Keeps me alert throughout

What do you like?

I can touch n listen

Tell me your desires..
Can I enter your shrine?

Worship in your altar?

I like asking nicely..
Rather using my knees
Forcefully entering holy grounds
Knocking down doors ain’t my style
I ask..
Even when I know annexation of yours is my objective

Why display rudeness?
To one am to possess momentarily?
Is this my good heart or good game?
Maybe it’s both

Dnt let trivial matters inebriate the voyage
We dnt want the boat to overturn
Before we reach port

DO WE???

The only quiz you could answer for now
To sooth my ramble

How far do we have to sail before we reach port?
To dock, I require mindfuck
Is this problem familiar to u

Can you feel that??
Can you??

The waves are monumental this season
If the boat capsized
Would you swim with the sharks?

You feel like anticipated andrenaline..
A gentle yet dominating rumble on my boat.
I want to teach you how to fight and surrender at the same time
If I told you to jump
So we could swim to shore

Would you flinch,if I sold you this bluff???

If I pushed,would you trust me and submit..
How deep would we go before the waves wash us to shore??

How much water would you swallow??

Before you shout in surrender??

Would you be scared??

Tell me this,

I seek answers to plan all contingents before we take this voyage.
I want to be sure you could handle this..
Inspire you to cross the channel again and again

Why risk Ur life if it does not inspire you??

Close your eyes and feel the waves
I want to penetrate
Your mind until you gasp in mortal surrender

Tell me this,

Does he challenge you like this??

Does he torment you like this?

Does he inspire you like this?

Does he ask you like this?

I am wild but your safe passage is my obligatory rota.

Tell me this,

Do they show you how bad they want to take you across the channel??

And like me they would not have it unless you approve..

Can they guarantee this to you in writing??

Do they beg you to cross or inspire you to cross the channel??

You see..

Am a wild gentle one

I won’t break Ur mind in mortal begging

I would rather bend your mind with primal desire..

I know you are fragile yet strong..

They couldn’t break you even if they tried..


Regardless you would feel everything..

I won’t want that to be your narrative.

I want to get the approval to take you across the channel..

Respond to every nuance of your nerves..

Earn every right to sail you to the other side.

Where birds have been tasked with singing to you..

For I know outright a happy client comes back😉

Earn the most subtle penetration of your guarded hunger.

I will do this because it makes me delightful in delighting you.

Yours in anticipation,
The wild gentle one.

Published by kingmat01

Am a poet and maybe a sex your normal joe probably out of step with the world. Am multilingual.. fluent in English.. gibberish.. sarcasm... debunchery..hang tight for the ride

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