Love Tsunami

The things you have shown me
Because of you I can sail
I can dive in whirlpools
Reemerging before being entangled
Escaping abysses willing to swallow me

Languidly stepping into the torrential waves
I slip into the smooth vessel
Am daring to commandeer to the reef
Inviting, magestic, the color of light majenta
Accommodating my imposing stature

My large hands firmly gives freedom to the fire pink vessel
Unhooking the pivitoal hanger
Ready for the voyeur
Manipulating till Bubbly white foams trickly

She nows faces me
Our eyes, reflecting pools of love lock on each other
Embracing with both body n soul
Like wax, we melt and become one
In the steamy atmosphere

Beckons beem as memories flood back
And her spine streamlines
Back arching in line with set condinates
Echos of spanking
As we tease one another
In the aquamarine Pacific ocean

Rough ripples fan out across the waters
To meet waves on our tail
Colliding in time
To cancel out the negative and positive energies prevailing
Finding harmony n lubrication dynamic
Where others have known only friction in static

On the voyage we discover new abandons
Like the sudden afternoon showers out of nowhere
Torrents that come unannounced in the twilight
A sundown in the reach of our eyes yet out of our grasp
Skies illuminated by stars out to spy on us

Glistening two charges that have given alliance to a proxy current
To cream it all
A sound of a tickling xyclone
Emancipitates us, soaking us in euphoric ecstasy

Aromas of sea water, exotic and faintly the ocean itself
Drift and sharks swirl around us
Skin to skin, we are drenched
Tributaries of salty sweat forms,streams n descent between us
Sauna like heat develops
As the temperatures skyrocket

Fresh upon fresh subdued
Synchronized to one rythmic motion
Which has been greased by frantic fluidity
The tributaries stream into one torrential river
That rushes into a trickling waterfall beyond
Cascaded into a franzied whirlpool
Which massages the wild n restless into submission

Gasping for a whiff of air
Silent cries of pleasure
Echoes of a bliss marvellous
The only evidence that a voyage overcame the Bermuda
The tranquil crystal clear lakes left to bash
In the aftermaths of monotremes
That prevail the catonic tsunami

Published by kingmat01

Am a poet and maybe a sex your normal joe probably out of step with the world. Am multilingual.. fluent in English.. gibberish.. sarcasm... debunchery..hang tight for the ride

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