Sex appeal grounds

‘I loved her as we love dark things..
In secret..
Somewhere between a shadow and my soul..
It was her..
Or me…
Perhaps it was the silence..
Maybe the voices in my head..
Under the starless sky..
She told me nothing..
Yet I believed everything..
I had found light..
In that moment..
She sired life in me..
I stand in the peril of doom.

Happy holidays’

Penny had pulled Rina out of the room in haste,both girls faces flushed.

“I will deal with you later.”

The only goodbye I got as the door banged. Then silence had reigned supreme. What a loss, I had not even cum. Two women had played me bad this morning(nilicheswo). How could they have taken me to the skies and have me return even without a souvenir. Literally left on the skies without a shuttle nor a parachute. The landing will be tough but I will retaliate in my own time.

I was raging mad. I loose the sex appeal I had in both women. The only defense mechanism my brain would formulate. My solution, smoke a blunt and go flirt silly. It’s Christmas anyway. To me and happy holidays and new sex appeal.

In the bathroom as I smoked sourvenirs from our rasta cabbie from earlier. I replayed the earlier scene in my mind a thousand times but still could not deduce the consenquences in store for me from my light bringer, Penny. Ironical that I love her in secret.

“There are numerous lonely women on this very resort. Quit crying over spilt milk and go get some ass. The sex appeal out there is overwhelming.

“The voices in my head start crying wolf having been frustrated in equal measures. I bet they had been counting on a show. They have decided to conspire against Penny and her treacherous friend. The sex appeal for both bitches is on a dropping roller coaster which is on a free fall. I bet it would crush before my blunt is done and an evil smirk proses on my dry lips.

“We have been balling long before Penny came along. Put your A game on and let’s go get some nice ass.”

Missions are being laid out as I smoke away and it is not long before am concurring.

“Do you remember the receptionist with the full lips? Why don’t we go see if she is game. The sex appeal you had for her was not concealable.”

This suggestion particularly intrigues me and I end the smoke session, take a quick shower shaking my head to some imaginary gangstar rap. To raise my sex appeal, I put on my tightest truck shorts and some cologne,dark desires scent my aura. I decide to venture out shirtless and flout my abs. A naughty smirk hugs my face as I close the door behind me and go hunting. My arsenals; the camouflage aura and unwrapped musculinity. Penny and Rina wouldn’t dampen my holidaying spirits.

My first stop, the reception to seek miss full lips. Behind the customer service desk I find a hawk eyed woman not to my taste. Zero sex appeal there. Am disappointed.

“How can I help you sir?”

She smiles standing and offering her hand. I shake the extended hand hard on feigned enthusiasm.

“The shower ain’t working optimally in my cottage.”

I lie between clenched teeth and leave in a huff to drawn my sorrows at the bar and maybe prey on a lonely soul.Am delighted to find that the section is beeming with patrons today unlike yesterday. Luckily I find an empty sun bed and I lay taking the scene before me. The place was dotted with mostly couples but the loners never missed. I admired the skimpy bikini adorned women and the topless ones. Like a seasoned hunter I filter out those I consider not in my sex appeal focusing on those that are making my shaft twitch

When a boner threatened I would take a dive into the pool to cool down then back to my sunbed to appreciate whatever was being paraded. More of a titty parade rather my favourite colour; an ass parade.

My mission is clear; find a woman who is sexually appealing.

My vision is precise; sate my sexual hunger that has consumed my mind.

My objectives are numerous and erratic so I will forgo mentioning them. Considering most will develop with the ploys course.

I smiled again to myself when my dick begins to stir on sighting those boobs which defied gravity and choose to stare at the sun. My sediments a petty issue to my hormones. I lay facedown from time to time my mind telling me to behave but my dick not so cooperative on playing ball. It wants to make a tent pole under the real man tent. Bask in its full glory bulging hurtful to attract stolen glances from its diverse prey.

After a few more swim cooling off sessions I wander round the swimming pool to the outdoor bar. The bartender flashes a knowing smile and a beer is sat waiting for me when I climb the bar stool. I watched the world snail pace as I sipped my beer, occassionally chatting the barman between customers. You would have thought us old mates.

“Hi handsome.”

Her voice was husky and incredibly sexual at that time. All my other senses acknowledged her even before I saw her.

“Hi you.”

I murmured back as I turned suddenly aware of her as she leaned close to speak.

“Is this stool taken?”

She enquired and without waiting for an answer sits on the empty bar stool next to mine.

“What are you here escaping from?”

She asked.

I raise my eyebrows at her quizzical.

“I mean a young handsome man like you.”

She laughs then continues.

“You must be running from something. Do tell.”

The grass has me paranoid for a moment. Does she know how secret. Is she some sort of spy. I remember I had seen her several times and she didn’t come across as a spy. Then again, you could never tell with spies.

I drag on my beer, taking my time before offering an answer.

“It is not escape I seek..rather ascension. Again it’s the festive season”

I say eyeing her to absorb her in. She looked superb and probably in her thirties. Probably married, the thin gold ring on her finger confirming her status, the kind I stirred away from.

But the smell of her cologne was to get butterflies doing flip flops in my stomach and get my motor revved up in high gear. That and the water trickling between her D size boobs held together by a black bikini has me giving her time.

“And what brings you here sexy.”

I asked my voice catching slightly.

“Just a few days to escape the children..twins..they can be
alot to handle at times.”

As she spoke she turned towards me and her leg accidentally brushed against mine, just for a moment before she withdrew it. Her eyes move from my face to my chest and I noticed her lick her lips.


I exclaimed flabbergasted as I stare at her flawless body.

“Well, I do take care of myself.”

She declares softly all aware of my eyes raking all over her flawless curved figure.

“The eye likes what it sees.”

I declare this time laughing with her. I looked away and signalled the bartender for more drinks. This was to distract my mind which now was a whirl of uncertainty.

I turn back to her when I feel her burning gaze on me, conscious of her hand on my knee and her leg deliberately pressing between my own sending a warm feeling up my thighs. This time the leg is not withdrawn and immediately my mind acknowledges that am in trouble.

Her skin was the best I had seen, it was completely unmarked. My gaze is undeterred even as I check out her curves which are perfectly placed. She coughs and when I look up I realise she had caught me eyefucking her. I just grin silly and bite my lower lip instantaneously.

“Am Pat between.”

She makes the introduction squeezing my hand with hers which mysteriously had been on me idly. I felt the electricity stream beyond the skin into my insides. I wanted to believe I was high on grass or the alcohol but miserably failed to convince my mind. I was drunk with lust that had been ignited since dawn by Penny and her protege Rina.

I wondered if the two were still together or they had parted company on not so good terms. It was not my place to interfere with lionesses after queendom aspirations. Let me deal with the lioness in my proximity.

“Where have you ditched hubby to as you prowl on nomad lions Pat?”

I ask her the obvious without making an effort at an introduction. Perhaps out to test the theory on cockiness or to kill the sexual lust threatening dangerously to reign over.

She parts her lips then shuts them, her demenor reflective as if trying to figure out a proper whopper for the quiz at hand.

Meanwhile cocktails come in pineapples and am impressed by the artistry. Pineapple pieces have been dung out from the middle and the hollow filled with intoxicating mix of a couple of alcoholic beverages. They are crowned with little multicolor umbrellas and it makes one fantasize about the Carribean.The sweetness of the brew is meant to delude your mind and have you in haste to drawn one after another. And when soon your legs go all jelly you realise you have played yourself.

“My husband is off to business meetings filling the coffers for me and his sires to blow.”

The husky voice brings me back from the Carribean to witu resort to find Pat sipping her manneso-the name of the cocktail. She spills some down her breasts accidentally or by design. When I move to her aid the bitch lets the reminder sock my boxers. And what does she do, feigns intoxication as she apologizies.

“Am so sorry, this is so clumsy of me…let me get that for you.”

She did stemar as she wiped on my loin area with a napkin. This only had two results. She spread the stain on my white boxers making her efforts futile. Secondly she managed to wake the sleeping scarpet what with her abandon rubbing and the words leaving her orifice in intervals..”ooh God!ooh God!” One when the stain spreads and again when a throb counters her handiwork.

“Am so sorry Sir..I most definitely don’t know what am doing but I can wash and dry them in no time if you do follow me. I will take care of this too.”

This time she whispers in my ear rubbing my sick with her thumb. She eyes me and winks, turns and walks to the main building.

It’s a few seconds before my mind registered the express invite for a coitus session. Maybe due to the inebriation taking over. I jump off the stool immediately and almost run after her

Published by kingmat01

Am a poet and maybe a sex your normal joe probably out of step with the world. Am multilingual.. fluent in English.. gibberish.. sarcasm... debunchery..hang tight for the ride

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