Elevator Elevation

Dedicated to tagtammy
The exotic aroma of a womans vagina is so tantalizing..yet so odd. Varies from one to another. Each has its distinctive taste and smell. None is ever the same…though it depends on one’s sex appeal
Meeting the most exquisite smelling one. She wanted me to taste it.. smell it..lick it and more. Well, I gladly obliged. Login in to her sex appeal


I watched the fair damsel walk, her soft curves swaying unapologitically. I waited for a moment for my mind to slow down, my engroaged pendulum to semblance any degree of decency and poped down the stool. Pat looks back and flashes me the most seductive smile. I finish my drink in one gallop then gallop after the beckon promising ambrosia.

Me and casual sex are playing at extremes. Latitudes colliding with longitudes. Sex addiction taking over I had thought Penny had cured me of this Treachery but lol. Here I am in a funny walk trying to hide the third arm but I can see giggles from third parties wishing they could join the party.

“We can let them tag along.”

A demon encourages but am not buying mtumba incantations today. The one bird in hand two birds…the fable is elusive for my sexually hypnotized mind to recall exactly for the moment.

Pat is by the elevators pushing buttons impatiently as I get to her. Soon am at eye level with my prey yet I can’t pounce on her, not at the moment atleast. The sex appeal unable to transcend public decency.

“Humans and decency. The revolving trifactor.”

“One can feel the chemistry miles away but look at them feigning amnesia. Just accept your sex addiction”

Voices in my head threaten to take seige on my thought process. I breath deeply and exhale to excommunicate them as I lean on the wall and feel the vibrations of the elevator cruising down to lift us to ambrosia. The thought brings a smile easily on my face. In the race to transcendancy my mind conjures that in the near momentum we will be elevated to reveries literally. And I wait. For the elevator.

The lift doors slide open at last, a couple steps out then a Buttler who gives us a knowing nod before him and his cart take leave of the soon to be debunchery cubicle. We step in the space and she hits the penthouse button. Am immediately faccinated wondering if it was a bluff. If it was not then I was in for a treat. I had fathomed ambrosia in my mind but here I was being whisked away to utopia.

When the doors shut, we looked at each other in surprise for a moment then everything happened all at once. Pat stepped back into the lift, me close by and her arms around my neck. Our bodies were pressed close to each other, our tongues in a swift duet, probing like there was no tomorrow and the lift moved slowly upwards.

Seconds later when the doors slide open, I had my price completely backed to a corner both feminine and masculine fighting for dominance. By now both our minds had reliquished reason as our hands felt each other up and I pressed my bulge against her, a subtle reminder this was not a rehearsal of some sort. That I was going in for the kill.

With one swift hop, she was perched on the thin railing that is embedded all round the lift and I take archer position between her long legs.

She exposes her fuck hole to me by pushing the bikini to one side without actually removing it and it is then that it hits my nostrils. The smell of her sex. The musky smell fills the elevator. It was the most arousing smell I have ever encountered. I pull down my boxer and my prisoner springs free in excitement. Ready to cause chaos. Imprisonment had not rehabilitated him at all.

I look at her desire embedded clearly in my eyes. Her long dark eyelashes are lined like velvet ribbons wrapping a delicate gift over her watery charcoal eyes. They are ember like. The emberness of them forming a whirlpool and her lust dances in them. And am drawn to them and all I want is to join in her lust and swim with her.

I grind my dick up and down her sopping wet slit and she purrs like a kitten. It was purr fet.

Her aroma intoxicates me and I stop what am doing and kneel, resting my head on her patch. The smell her sex emits has me tripping. It was the most exquisite in all years of my experiences. It’s scent like jasmine. A cologne that would fetch premium price in the market.

My fingers comb her rectangle trimmed bush which was somehow wet from her sexual moisture. She holds still but moans in pleasure yet am doing nothing. Just smelling her impaling frangrance. Never before had I been aroused this much by a scent.

My constantly composed mind in this matters goes crazy as I try figure out how she would taste. Why ponder when the dessert is on the table so I dig in.

I spread her delicate pink folds with my fingers and insert my tongue as deep as it could go. My nose was on her lips. Very little odour but with enough muskness to make my mouth water and my lips smuck on her lips. Her cherry was completely enveloped by my mouth and I was literally eating her. This was the best pussy on my list as I eat her in earnest. She tasted like my favourite dessert only sour a bit and I couldn’t help myself but fest. Man, she was delicious to a fault.

Mostly I ate pussy as a payback favour after a woman went down on me. But this was different. I wanted to eat her pussy not for her pleasure but for mine. I felt her mound contract as her wall muscles flexed on my tongue. Then three events happened instantaneously. She screamed loud, the lift clinged opening and she came hard on my mouth.

My senses are completely impaired. Logic has left me. Conscious of being busted on my knees my head buried between a womans head is inconcequencial. I lapped and take much of her juices. And I don’t stop, I continue eating that pussy. Licking every drop of honey that has been offered for my pleasure.

I latch on her like a canabre on a boat. I don’t seem to be able to unhook myself from her as I move one hand behind her ass and pull her closer to me and my feasting mouth. My other hand finds her clit and starts playing it like a violin. The fingers darting delicately and expertly on her button and the event occurs now in reverse.

The lift clinged as the doors closed, she comes hard again on my mouth and this time screams the loudest I have ever heard a woman scream. Trust me on the latter because I have been in labour wards.

“Hey sexy, we are going down. Let’s postpone this before we hit the lobby and give the tabloids proses better than the pros in this business.”

Pat nudges my head off her drip with both words and her hand. I stand on auto pilot and boxers chilling on my ankles ascend, assuming turnkey. Warden rotas assumed and the raging prisoner is back in the box. From the bulge you can authoritatively declare a red alert level because the riots are efficacious.

Published by kingmat01

Am a poet and maybe a sex fiend..nah..am your normal joe probably out of step with the world. Am multilingual.. fluent in English.. gibberish.. sarcasm... debunchery..hang tight for the ride

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