Born for this

We wake, wrapped in each other
Bodies warm

But the morning breeze invades our sanctuary

An epicentre near,a whirlwind picks up and speeds to us

Threatening to blow our tent away

Just as i find Ur epicentre

And work on it meticulously

The suns rays reflect gold on us

The sound of the river downstream

Can’t musk our moans

“dnt stop!”

No lifeguard

As I drown in Ur wetness

Wetter than the river flowing
downstream outside

No neighbours,no regulations

We are at par with nature

As birds chip by the trees

We moan more,disrupting their rhythm

As sun breaks the sky

In retrospect,I pound as if to break Ur bones

Literal,the sun can’t break the sky

Same to me breaking bones urs

The river hits rocks hard and splatters

Between Ur legs my tongue comes hard

Gasping,u splatter

Baptizing my face

I woke for this

I was made for this moment

Where I sent Ur head spinning

Ur gasping,a match to the life

Waking outside

To the break of day

To this moment

Scripting History

What will you do when the trance takes over
When the wild thoughts take Ur mind over
When the vibrations call out to you

Will you dare come to me
Down the street block like a hoe
Promoting primal lusts
Unafraid of the multitude assembled to watch
The witty ready for ascersion
Ready to meet eternal havoc

When you have blossomed
Oozing of nectar forbidden
Winds strong to wreck petals soft
When you fully copulating
Will you spread Ur wings
Take the flight with me
Trust me to be Ur captain
Dnt be afraid of the turbulence
We could dance in its path

Hope this shuttle takes us to the stars
So I can read you verses of my religion
Make sure u water the petals to bloomdom
So I know you slow and easy
Careful not to awaken the stars caretakers
Perusing through them,cramming pink magenta glowing
Noway will I miss a single fold

This is not a missionary mission remember
The masquerades voyeuristic binoculars to eyes trying locate us
But it’s a backdoor affair
I will lick and erase the evidence
That no mare mortal will know
That you were ever here

So come in the cover of darkness
A mask Ur only attire
Gangstar and unfraid
I will prinkle the lotus
If you moan
I will kiss u and swallow the noise
They will not even hear us
Descending back to earth
As I reveal my true self to only you

Inside Ur walls I will unleash passion u never knew
I will stretch n cause chaos in rhythm to all u desire
In Ur walls all u can do is contract n aqueous triploity
As the artistry echos embroidery in mucky aquamarine tricolor
I will scatter ink
Scribing history there


Which do you desire

The man on the stand gets his 1st quiz

The reflections on the two mirrors posing

Eyes wild and red

Both begging

Hopelessly seducing

Pick Ur affliction wisely

The ultimatums come

There will be no retraction

Both reflections declare

Absent of sympathy nor empathy

The man with hands shaking reaches forth

Shuttering one mirror

With no one staring back

He pours the other mirror in haste

(Timely to entrap the reflection seldom)

Into his glass half full of ice

And as he takes his sip he thinks he has trumped

One gallop

And the glass is empty

He has picked his addiction

As the urges knock

He reaches fractically

Only to stumper

Paid in fractures

From the broken glass pieces

It was never constant

Never guaranteed

The fun

The supply

One sip

Was enough to affiliate

A thousand free glasses

Never guaranteed

They gave him the power

Now they take it back

Was it a ploy

It was either or perhaps

The man had not understood

His own reflections

Was it just but an illusion

Affliction or redemption

He ponders

Stumping the cigarette butts

That offer solace painfully

Too small to hold for long

Love Tsunami

The things you have shown me
Because of you I can sail
I can dive in whirlpools
Reemerging before being entangled
Escaping abysses willing to swallow me

Languidly stepping into the torrential waves
I slip into the smooth vessel
Am daring to commandeer to the reef
Inviting, magestic, the color of light majenta
Accommodating my imposing stature

My large hands firmly gives freedom to the fire pink vessel
Unhooking the pivitoal hanger
Ready for the voyeur
Manipulating till Bubbly white foams trickly

She nows faces me
Our eyes, reflecting pools of love lock on each other
Embracing with both body n soul
Like wax, we melt and become one
In the steamy atmosphere

Beckons beem as memories flood back
And her spine streamlines
Back arching in line with set condinates
Echos of spanking
As we tease one another
In the aquamarine Pacific ocean

Rough ripples fan out across the waters
To meet waves on our tail
Colliding in time
To cancel out the negative and positive energies prevailing
Finding harmony n lubrication dynamic
Where others have known only friction in static

On the voyage we discover new abandons
Like the sudden afternoon showers out of nowhere
Torrents that come unannounced in the twilight
A sundown in the reach of our eyes yet out of our grasp
Skies illuminated by stars out to spy on us

Glistening two charges that have given alliance to a proxy current
To cream it all
A sound of a tickling xyclone
Emancipitates us, soaking us in euphoric ecstasy

Aromas of sea water, exotic and faintly the ocean itself
Drift and sharks swirl around us
Skin to skin, we are drenched
Tributaries of salty sweat forms,streams n descent between us
Sauna like heat develops
As the temperatures skyrocket

Fresh upon fresh subdued
Synchronized to one rythmic motion
Which has been greased by frantic fluidity
The tributaries stream into one torrential river
That rushes into a trickling waterfall beyond
Cascaded into a franzied whirlpool
Which massages the wild n restless into submission

Gasping for a whiff of air
Silent cries of pleasure
Echoes of a bliss marvellous
The only evidence that a voyage overcame the Bermuda
The tranquil crystal clear lakes left to bash
In the aftermaths of monotremes
That prevail the catonic tsunami

In a conclave

By the mist
We lie side by side
The moon hangs, almost full

The night breeze tantalizing
Committing us to kiss
Hands joining
As the stars gather about us
The constilation artistic
As if encouraging
The stollen moment
We have stormed into

In harmony
The clouds above converge
Glitter, in the night breeze
We lay low listening to the night
Her head on my chest

Where it belongs
Heaving in Union with my breathing

She stirs, whispers my name
Which is left floating
In our meadow
Her hand nestling perfectly
In my warm damp one
Squeezzing to the hilt
The message in it

And the clouds scatter
Gliding away
Heads turn,lips meeting
Breathing in haste
The moon now hangs, fuller
Glowing in our glory

The mist, now mysteriously missing

Memory is Key

Unlike most board games,chess is not a chance game when playing with a player intimate with it.

Memory is paramount that is why silence is golden when playing it.

You need your Ram alert and processing. Am no doctor, I cannot do a dissertation on the human mind but I know a thing about computers. Ram is the random access memory. It processes what you are tasking the computer to do currently. The higher the RAM the easier it is for the computer to process.

Like the computer you need to use your Ram. How many things can you hold in your mind at a go?

In chess your every move must be purposeful. Then remember why you moved every piece in the position it is currently.
Never forget why a piece found itself in the locale it occupies before you move it in future.

Some use something I learnt eons ago in a unit in class. SWOT..This is not the heavily armed police force that comes to action in movies when the situation dictates so. It simply stands for Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. The questions you ask everytime an opponent moves a piece. What strengths does this piece have, what are its weaknesses. What opportunities are present to you and what threats does the piece pose?

Get the drift?

It goes that all your pieces on a chess board,even those not in play yet are intimately entertwined. Their ultimate goal is just one, prevent the king from capture and capturing the opponents king. To achieve this they must work together, support one another and help each other from being captured themselves.

They are like a body together,each piece the bodies organ so if one piece is captured by the opponent the body looses an organ and therefore can’t work optimally.


Let me rephrase that; Before you move Ur piece,maybe enticed with a carrot by an opponent (referred to Gambits in chess circle ) and you move with haste to deboard his piece-FIRST ask urself why was Ur piece there. Do the SWOT analysis thing.

Am saying this because that piece of yours that you are about to move might have a higher purpose than capturing an opponent’s piece.

I know its the minds nature to be in haste to win. But in chess haste is a virus you have to eliminate from your system.

It might be blocking a significant piece say a Bishop from capture yet you want to capture an opponents pawn.

If such a scenario plays and you capture the opponents pawn and he captures your Bishop then definitely he has the upper hand. The scales have tilted and I vouch that you bound to loose😔

In conclusion chess is not all about memory. You might have a perfect memory, for instance you might be able to remember and play an opening to the 30th move. What happens if your opponent does not follow your script? What then? This is the probable scenario in a live match. Players are stricky like that.

You will probably be thrown off your element if you come to a game with a script of how it will play out. Don’t bring a penknife to a gun fight hence don’t come with only memory to a table game because at the end of the day chess is about many elements.

Its about a players judgemental skills, evaluation of positions, critical and tactical thinking. It also boils down to confidence, resilience and psychology


Was it pure coincidence that the boy on the blog post was named Ram🤔😂 Maybe it was the universe’s manifestation of a chess wizard being born. Just to let you know, the manifestation came to fruition few years after he joined the mundane population

Hot Oasis

I will nude you and leave Ur ass in the dessert
Where the sun nukes without mercy
Scorpions dish out stings for free
Ignore Ur calls until u beg
I return you to my oasis
Where the bastard sun shys

I will bring you and shield u there
Where I will ravish u like infunis hurricanes

Didn’t they tell u nothing is free
Under shade I will fuck you till u beg I stop
Leaving u shuttered and stunned
In cationic thunder

In my oasis you will know flooding
I will leave u wriggled and giggling with glee
After you drown
Not from the oasis cool waters
But my hot cum tsunami

The white knight

This are my two cents opinion

Don’t take them to heart rather take them with salt as the stew

The knight is a piece on the chess table. It is categorised as one of the weakest pieces with 3 points the equivalent of 3 pawns.

I being a fucker for underdogs, today am championing for the white knight assuming all facts about chess. Don’t underestimate my game because of this opinion.

Why the white knight and not the black knight?

We will come to that soon.

The white knight is my most valued piece on the chess board.( 1st Big lie)

Many an opponent have found themselves entrapped, subdued and reduced into checkmate in a few when I bring this piece into play.(2nd small lie)

When it comes to the knight,most players underestimate it. This is simply because the knight is unassuming.

When the knight moves,it’s moves seem almost erratic.

As if lacking of purpose.


I don’t know if it’s its stature, which is artistically erect and poised that makes it come across as unthreatening.

But assume it at your own peril.

I love this piece because of its Arsenal, remember I told you it’s moves are erratic. Because of this, the knight is the only piece when in play,YOU CANNOT BLOCK with your pieces.

Once it entraps lets say two or more of your pieces, keeping in mind that you can’t block it, you are subdued into sacrificing a piece. It’s unstoppable, maniac in its attack.

A force to reckon with. When it takes one it’s most probably poised to wipe another of your pieces off the chessboard in the next play if the opponent is not strategic.

“The difference between a master and a novice..The master has lost more times than the novice has played.”

Another of its arsenal, the Knight seems to have a magical power to me.

It seems as if it has an invincible clock that renders it almost invisible to the opponent.

What do I mean?

Draw for instance the Queen or the Castle and bring them into play,your opponents mind moves into overdrive,they wonder about your next move of the mentioned pieces and come with contingencies to prevent elimination of their valuable pieces. Hard to pull a first one and surprise your opponent with the pre mentioned pieces.

Trust me, bringing a knight into play does not induce the same effect on an opponents mind. Their alertness stays shallow and their guard not hightened.

Even when you move a knight in close proximity to their king as long as you are not in check,the opponent seems unbothered as if mind clogged. Seeing the loaning checkmate an impossibility.

Then boom,the surprise comes. A wrong move from the opponent and opportunity scenario presents itself. The knight moves entrapping the opponent and it’s checkmate baby. They king is immobilized, they can’t block a knight and it happens the angels are smiling at you so neither can they capture your knight.

And it goes without saying,you have your first win

Master the knight,bring it into play more often and you are on your way to never loosing a game.

To the first question at the start of this blog..Why the white knight? Well, every chess player prefers white because it starts the game. Always threatening and dictating the course of the game. Nothing to do with colour or any other myth.

Yours sincerely,
The introvert chess master

My Affair with Chess

I was not one of those privileged kids that got to learn chess before I knew how to talk.

I did not spend my childhood playing chess during play time. I spend play time butt naked playing with mud and sand like all normal kids. I played in open fields, dove into rivers and a dam that was in close proximity with our home.

I can tell you with certainity that I never heard of chess in all the years I went through the education system in primary school. It was alien to me

Maybe in my country the education system was broken or this was a game for the few kids that went to prestigious schools where one wears trousers as tall as they are. Where kids come to school in helicopters(I have come to learn that this is a reality to some.

Look at us who see choppers only in movies and when the politicians come to ask for our pound of flesh in the name of votes👀the universe can be so unfair😢.right? Don’t wail over it,you are alive, healthy and got a roof over your head😂. Is this a lame excuse for accepting and embracing mediocrity? Story for another day) and cars whose net worth can set you and your clan for life😎.

While the teachers stroll in haste to observe punctuality in dusty heels and shoes a clear contrast of their residence location and their working environment downed with imported grass,lawned to perfection and dotted with exotic flowers.

Don’t mistake me for a civil activist mad with the state and the inequribrium of the classes of its denizens commonly referred to “Wananchi na wenye nchi.” Just wanted to make it clear I was a “mwananchi or mbogi ya mtaa.” 😉

In highschool my knowledge on chess is identical to the one I had in primary school, almost nill. Atleast here I came across the term. Do you remember those words that sound similar in Grammer? Can’t recall the terminology though😂talk of age eroding the mind. Chess, chase, cheese. Only chase was familiar at first but by the time I left that level of my education or imprisonment,I knew which was chasing cheese and that chess was a board game that the mind could not fathom easily.

At Uni you find a lot of free time in your hands and you are socialised to interact with guys from all walks of life. You interact with the kids who went with choppers in primary schools and for the first time you meet the chess board. Strange yet intriguing.

They paid all that money for school fees but here you are at par. Your are all comrades.
But their is a distinction in the circles that develop. You can see with clarity the sheeps ,the rats, the hyenas(mafisi😂) ,the lonewolves, the packs, herds and the lions. The distinction is clear.

It’s a kingdom and their those on top of the food chain and those at the bottom.

To fit you have to align yourself with the habits and norms of that circle.

In short I learnt the basics on chess from the internet and pretended to be intimate with it. So I would make love to chess and freign orgasms when time called for it. The things we do to fit.

Chess to me was boring and tasking to mind. I didn’t know how some considered it a fun activity. I could not comprehend how one found nectar in it when the game took so long to end.

I wanted quick fixes. I wanted nectar that was dripping. I wanted adrenaline rush and juice. I wanted my nerves on edge and endophines streaming in and putting the lights on in my head. Chess was not doing this for me.

So I had my nectar and juices elsewhere and played chess as my side bitch. Our love affair lacking enthusiasm, orgasms rare but got along to fit.


Hands on my shoulder blades wash away the tension like waves do sandcastles
How did I not notice my clothes missing
She straddles me as I lie face down
Like ancient unicorn riders
As my tool trys to drill the mattress I feel light
As her weight leaves me
I moan in protest
Kneels besides me
Slapping silly my ass
Pain does not pass thrashhood
Pleasure out weighing
I want to turn
But subdued by hands rough
In retrospect they sooo soft
Not soothing
Just inducing want in me
Member suffers imposed on a mattress not interested
As she works her magic
I tremble in ecstasy
The bedsprings moaning in protest
In time, with my fractic endevour to fill something
If only the mattress had a hole
To accommodate
My vanity throbs
Hands withdraw
Causing distress
Then warm orbs sit between my spine
Direct contact with my nerves
How clever
To bypass the red-tape
Teasing me with their hounded points
Sliding, slapping, pressing
Typing bareaucratic incants
Telling me to raise
Stamp my affliction to them
Just as they reach the bridge of my ass
She recalls her two platoon members
Leaving me cold yet hot
The teasing not trending in me
But she has chosen this play script
It’s her night to commandeer us
To ensure we reach a different galaxy
Blinded by leggings disposed from her
I can’t see her but I feel her
As she turns me over
I rivel in the moment almost shooting myself to the stars
The console moves to drive gear
Ridiculous reset to park
Balls clamped down
The false start leaves short tremors
Shuttering my bliss momentarily
The Tormentor would pay
Just a matter of time

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